Top Jew Funded Anti-Islam Group While Denouncing Europe’s Anti-Islam Parties

Diversity Macht Frei
April 8, 2018

One of the world’s top Jews, Ronald S. Lauder, president of the World Jewish Congress, gave $1.1 million dollars of his own money to an organisation called Secure America Now, which produced anti-Islam adverts to run on American TV.

Pretty good propaganda. I’d pay for this myself. So what’s the problem? The problem is that this same Jew has used his position to denounce just about every attempt by Europeans to form a political organisation to deal with the Islamic problem.

In France, he congratulated Macron on defeating Marine Le Pen.

In Germany, he denounced the AfD and called for it to be outlawed.

“It is abhorrent that the AfD party, a disgraceful reactionary movement which recalls the worst of Germany’s past and should be outlawed, now has the ability within the German parliament to promote its vile platform,” Lauder said.

In Austria, he smeared the FPO and called on its coalition partner Kurz to distance himself from them and limit their influence.

More evidence of the staggering hypocrisy of the Jews? No doubt. It seems European patriotism is only to be permitted when it is firmly under kosher control.

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  1. Another ugly jew jewing the West.

  2. Cool, so go ahead and do the same in reverse. Come on guys, this isn’t complicated. Learn to
    replicate the jewry. :hamburger::hamburger::hamburger:

  3. Jews siding with Muslims over Europeans are not the exception but the rule. Ben Shapiro, who made a video titled, “The Myth of the Radical Muslim Minority” reprimanded Trump for his travel ban of several Muslim countries. Israel, “our greatest ally against the menace of Iran” purchased Iranian oil after we embargoed it during the Iran Hostage Crisis – removing the biggest incentive to free our diplomats.

    Diversity Macht Frei does a good job of covering this sort of thing, nice work.

  4. Jews want to keep America under their firm strangehold, unchallenged . They already got niggers and beaners to suck the blood of whitey in America.

  5. All Jews want same. They all think same. Don’t forget they want to flood Europe with niggers too whos only purpose is to race mix and or kill whitey in Europe. Niggers are not going back when war in Syria is going to be over.

  6. Lauder is the kike bastard who lobbied to have the Golden Dawn’s leadership in the Greek parliament imprisoned for a year, on trumped-up charges. Golden Dawn is the world’s gold standard for nationalist organizations. BOYCOTT ESTEE LAUDER! Let’s promote this campaign and BREAK HIS JEW-POWER

  7. Ronald Lauder also had several connections to 9-11 and the 9-11 Commission… You are definitely correct to refer to him as a “Top Jew”…

    My problem is that it seems all the gullible goyim know the name “George Soros” and his connection to (((Globalism))), but VERY FEW of these Alex Jones-watching, afraid-to-be-called-racist, useful idiots know of someone like Lauder, or of the thousands of other (mainly) Jewish Globalists…

    It’s like these gatekeepers such as Jones and company use Soros as a kind of magnate to catch all the potential anti-Jew feeling before it ever gets too out of control… But the truth is that Soros’ power is always over-hyped in these circles and the power of other powerful Jews such as Lauder and the thousands more are always minimized or not even talked about whatsoever…

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