TL;DR on Sargon of Akkad’s New Gay Ops Against Mister Metokur

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
October 22, 2018

If you’re like me, you want to know what is going on with Sargon of Akkad and his ongoing gay ops involving the returned Jew Kraut and Tea, but don’t have time to watch hundreds of hours of streams to figure it all out.

Well, I’ve got good news: Jim AKA Mister Metokur AKA Fionn mac Cumhaill has made a stream about it.

Basically, Kraut and Tea returned from his sabbatical to run more gay ops in the name of his Supreme Leader Sargon – this time with the goal of taking down Jim AKA Metokur AKA Cumhaill. The two of them paid someone $2000 to dox Jim based on information that had already been published on Encyclopedia Dramatica years ago.

Then Sargon got an ED sysop to put the information back on the site so he could use it and say “oh I just found this on ED, I didn’t pay someone to do this, I just stumbled upon it.”

Sargon claimed that he grooms young trolls to join his army. He also claimed that Jim is involved in a homosexual teenage grooming gang.

Because what else can you smear people with these days? No one cared Jim had a DUI on his record, so you’re going to have to call the guy a child groomer.

Basically, all of this proves that Sargon was indeed the one running the first doxing server against the Alt-Right, and then through his agent Kraut, who it has also been revealed is a paranoid schizophrenic who believes that the Alt-Right has spies in the NSA, under the bus when the whole thing blew up.

Furthermore, these same gay agents tried to frame Andy Warski as a pedophile. Sargon was also behind this.

That stream is six hours long. Whatever. It’s the same audio from Jim’s stream at the top.

The fag ops team also plotted to have Zoom arrested, even though he did nothing wrong.

Furthermore, Ian Miles Cheong – famously fired from Daily Caller and everywhere else for sucking – is somehow involved in this in some way and hired a PI to try to dox Wild Goose, who they claim is an NSA agent and Nazi. Cheong probably works for Sargon, possibly through a gay relationship with Veeh (Update: commenter says Cheong showed his DMs with someone else who funneled the Wild Goose dox to him, probably a Sargonite agent; still don’t trust Cheong).

It goes on and on.

A lot of this was on Ralph’s Friday stream.

Point is, Sargon is the lord of gay ops and is trying to take everyone down and he’s been caught out.

Why Sargon thought it was a good idea to restart these gay ops with the same guy who let the whole thing leak last time is unclear. But start it again he did and leak again it also did.

Sadly for Sargon, it turned out Jim was a totally normal drunken Irishman with an adult gook gf.

The most interesting fact was that this is Jim’s real face:

The recent Jim stream probably isn’t worth watching unless you’re a fan of this stuff, because it’s all very much in-depth. I’m just writing about it to let you know that yes, Sargon is a fucking weasel.

This is all completely insane, because Sargon has almost a million subscribers and recently interviewed Steve Bannon. He is a member of UKIP and has been embraced by the party. He could be making a shitton of money, investing it properly, ensuring a good life for himself.

He obviously has some kind of a plan to be a political actor in UK politics, but he won’t ever be able to do that because people are going to bring up all this weird shit he did on the internet. They were already going to bring up that time he called the Alt-Right “white niggers.”

Now they’re going to bring up gay ops and be like “what about the time you paid $2000 to dox a guy and then accused him of being a pederast to try to ruin his life because he made fun of your suit?”

Maybe he could have played off “white niggers” as social commentary or something. But you don’t dox someone and accuse them of child grooming as social commentary. You only do that if you’re a complete shitbag and insane.

Furthermore, though I do not predict his channel will collapse, this has permanently tarnished his personal reputation in a way that he cannot ever recover from. Outside of any political career, he has shown himself not only to be a slimy doxer rat, but also the kind of person who pretends not to be a gay ops rat doxer while doing it in secret.

It would be one thing if Sargon was just like “I’ll dox all yall muffugguhs, yall Irishmen shoulda thought of this when you did Corporation Street, ya nasty bog-trotting fiends!”

But he isn’t like that. He tries to pretend he’s a moral person above all of this sort of thing, while he’s actually running gay ops on an industrial scale and trying to take down anyone who questions him on the internet.

Sick guy!