THOTpocalypse NOW! Episode 4: A Stay of Execution

Doctor Mayhem
Vandal Void
March 22, 2018

In this one, Doctor Mayhem explains why you should be a Hulkamaniac and/or a Macho Madman

Intro/Music talk

Lauren Southern and Brittany Pettibone
Someone tell Martin Sellner to quit being so goddamn beta
Lauren’s documentary has given her the right to live

Keep women out of your movement!
Tara McCarthy as an feminist, socialist, anti-natalist
Uselessness of woman leaders
Right-wing Women are frauds
Traditionalism as the new feminism and women going “right-wing” only to preserve feminism
Trad women and anti-feminist women are still feminists
They only want the party to keep going
They don’t actually care about traditionalism, conservative values, or preserving the nation
They’re basically the same as homos on the right

In case of divorce, liquidate assets, dump money in Monero

Boomer hate

Oh this is funny

MGTOWs waking up to coincidences

Trump won the White woman vote by not cucking
We win women the same way
Appealing to women will fail


Closing thots: Why we should encorage all pretty, right wing girls to dox themselves