THOTpocalypse NOW! Episode 3: My Spirit Animal is a Monster Truck

Doctor Mayhem
Vandal Void
March 15, 2018

In this one, Doctor Mayhem uses a metal soundtrack.

Show notes

Intro/talk about the music

Start here for shitposting

Well Sheeeeeeeeeeiiit

Something I had wanted to discuss for a while
PUA Bubble has popped

A bit of manosphere history
(((Ross Jeffries))) and “Speed Seduction”
IRC origins of PUA
“The Game” by Neil Strauss
Tucker Max – Rise, Fall, and Humiliation
No Ma’am forums – Book of Pook, Book of Bonecrcker, Rob Fedders, and others.
Roosh’s original webside, DC Bachelor. Rollo and Roissy/Heartiste came from there
Heartiste and Citizen Renegade – eventually merged to Heartiste

A White Man is a man first
Even on the Daily Stormer, the articles about men’s issues are the most popular
There is a need for people on the AltRight to reach out to Manosphere guys
I don’t know any man who has been personally fucked over by Jews, but I don’t know any man who hasn’t been personally fucked over by women

Andrew Anglin is wrong, Game does work
“Game is really just Sales + Trolling
Weev’s RACE Method and street preachers

The hidden agenda behind pornography
It’s talked about all the time, but why not?

Ending with this