THOT Patrols Self: Sculpts Satanic “Adam” Using Natural Materials, Gets Lead and Arsenic Poisoning

Octavio Rivera
Daily Stormer
December 11, 2018

Have you ever wondered what Jews have inside? This woman’s attempt at art may answer that question.

National Post:

At first, Gillian Genser thought the headaches and vomiting were just the latest signs of autoimmune disorders she had battled for years. But then the symptoms got stranger. She felt agitated. She’d wake up nearly unable to move. Hearing vanished from one ear. Her muscles cramped and her speech slurred.

What was going on? For years, doctors were baffled by what was afflicting the Toronto-based sculptor.

Then, a blood test three years ago came back positive for heavy-metal poisoning. And Genser realized her art was killing her.

For 15 years, Genser had been grinding up mussel shells to create a sculpture of Adam, the first man. She had no idea, though, that mussels can accumulate toxins, like lead and arsenic, over years of feeding in polluted waters. When Genser breathed in the shell dust or touched the powdery remains, some of that metal made its way into her body, too.

The sculpture is a daemonic idol, it’s not Adam.

Notice the missing arms.

This Jewish woman has been powdering random stuff she found in nature and breathing it for 15 years or so.

Inhaling stuff is like the next biggest natural physical interaction between your body and the environment after eating. When you smell something, that something already got inside, passing through your nose.

Smells can hurt you.

For Genser, who first wrote about her case in Toronto Life magazine on Nov. 28, the poisoning is deeply ironic. By using a natural material, like mussel shells, to depict a biblical character, she wanted to comment on humanity’s skewed relationship with the now-contaminated natural world.


“The work was an environmental statement. It’s about reconsidering what people’s first perception of the ecosystem should have been, rather than this idea that we have dominion over all the animals,” she said. “So it’s very interesting and ironic that Adam, as the first man, was so toxic. He poisoned me. Doesn’t that make sense, because we poisoned the world starting with this very poor notion?

No, it doesn’t make sense. What you’re saying is just Jewish gibberish. Or… arsenic and lead poisoning gibberish. It’s practically the same.

In 1998, she finished a sculpture of Lilith, the first woman in Jewish folklore, made from egg shells. She decided her next project would be the first man, Adam, and soon found the perfect material to make him: Blue mussel shells from Canada’s Atlantic coast, bought in bulk in Toronto’s Chinatown.

What is wrong with this woman?

Why does she mutilate all her sculptures? No legs, no hands, just a torso.

This is highly misogynistic.

She’d spend up to 12 hours a day molding the shells with a dentist’s drill. While she ventilated her studio, she didn’t make any special effort to avoid the shell byproducts, assuming they were benign.

12 hours a day and 15 years for this?

But almost immediately after starting the work, Genser started feeling ill. After years living with various autoimmune disorders, she was used to her body betraying her. But she soon realized these symptoms were different. As her limbs alternately ached and became immobile, she suffered neurological ailments as well. At her worst moments, she could barely speak, lost her short-term memory and stopped recognizing close friends.

Then why did it take her 15 years to make the obvious association? Are Jewish women masochists?

She saw a litany of specialists in neurological health and psychiatrists who prescribed antipsychotics and antidepressants, but nothing seemed to help.

To be fair to my doctors, they did ask me, ‘Are you working with anything toxic?’ And I’d say, ‘No no, I’m working with all natural materials, and we’d all move on,’” she said.

There are plenty of natural things that are toxic. Poisonous animals and plants, and venomous substances all exist in Nature.

It wasn’t until 2015 when Genser first saw a specialist who tested her blood for heavy metals. The results were emphatic: She had high levels of arsenic and lead in her system. She was shocked, but still confused — as to how had she ingested those dangerous compounds?

Yeah, look. If you suddenly feel ill or whatever, one of the first things you should do is think about what new stuff has happened lately. It could be stuff you did, stuff that happened around you, stuff that is out of the ordinary, etc. Her symptoms started right after she started working on her diabolic idol, using new materials that she knew little about.

She ignored that very clear correlation and continued down her perverse path. Don’t be her.

I stop to think about the mussels and how they cannot leave their polluted habitats we have just dumped all this poison into,” she said. “I feel terrible grief for them. We did this to them, they didn’t do it to me.”

She gives great examples of Jewish rhetoric. One could blame it on the lead poisoning, but in that case…

…are all Jews suffering from lead poisoning?

This witch is depraved.

Check another of her “art” pieces:

Have women ever created art?

Have Jews?

Jewish “art.”

We know women can be decent interpreters, but are there any good creations by women?

Everything this Gillian slut does is grotesque, evil, and heresy.

Is it because she’s Jewish or because she’s a woman?

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