This Week In White Genocide Episode 14: Nathan Damigo

The Right Stuff
June 23, 2017

An interview with MoldyLocks’ Crush “Nathan Damigo”

08:30 Horus Gibz out free T-shirts

15;00 White Genocide blows up after Bob dies

21:00 Hobbits fought the (((Dwarfs))) Proxy war in LOTR

27:00 professors and antifa

33:00 POL Doxs Antifa scum

37:35 Horus teaches subversion 101

43:12 Oath Keeper become the Lefts content keepers

49:34 Oath-keepers wuz Airborne astronauts

Nathan Damigo @NathanDamigo

Horus @eurorabbit

Johnny Monoxide @TheParanormies

Fash @FashGordonLevitt