This Week in White Genocide Ep. 36: When All the Kangs Were Cheddar

Horus the Avenger
The Right Stuff
February 14, 2018

5:00 Cheddar man, treacherous Royalty, Nehlen

28:00 White Genocide pics cause stir in Switzerland

35:00 Welcome to Wakanda Whitey

42:00 Johnny covers Sargon vs. Anglin

60:00 Isreali jet gets shot down

78:00 WW3 War Porn discussion

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  1. O.K. let’s just say that ten thousand years ago Europeans were Black. Why aren’t they Black now? Evolution right? So that means that Europeans evolved while Africans did not. Because the Africans are still Black. So the Europeans are more evolved than Africans. I don’t think the Judeo-Globo-Diverso-Kangz crowd has considered the implications of their theory of Neolithic Euro-Blackism. But that’s just a guess.

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