This Week in White Genocide Ep. 34: Shut It Down, The Chinese Know!

Horus the Avenger
The Right Stuff
January 31, 2018

01:00 Largest Air Force drill

09:01 China Be bannin hip hop and sheeeeeit

11:59 Vagina lightening

16:30 Non Whites taught how to remove rape victims bras

19:57 White Genocide professor back in news

24:05 The LoomerACost

31:23 Russia wants more children

33:35 Tuckers Carlson

38:20 Cuckold Media

40:41 Hitler News 24/7

44:33 Richard Spencer’s Crazy gym stalker BTFO in Germany

47:38 White Genocide already happened in North America

50:15 2016 Presidential race among White high school students

52:15 Last Words

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