This Week In White Genocide Ep. 23: It’s Okay To Be a Black Jew

Horus Avenger
The Right Stuff
November 6, 2017

It’s okay to be a Black Jew, with Guest D’Marcus Leibowitz

1:24 D’Marcus Leibowitz red pilling tale

12:00 Johnny joins “Me Too” campaign with tale of gang rape

14:00 New York Post claims terrorism is price of dieversity

23:40 Rand Paul attacked

32:40 White babies be racist and sheeit

37:10 Dieversity lotto

42:50 Anti-Whites cried wolf too much on White Supremacy

52:49 MLK documents reveal he was a total degenerate

1.00:30 Papa Johns cucks

1.03:30 last words

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