This is Your Country on Kikes: From Refugee to Female Congressman

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
November 10, 2018

This is supposed to be inspirational.

For the goyim.

The Guardian:

Fadumo Kuusow remembers a thin and shy girl who lived next door. Her memory is hazy as the girl left more than 20 years ago.

Last week Kuusow organised a small celebration with friends in Ifo camp, one of a vast complex of refugee settlements on dry, scrubby plains around the remote Kenyan town of Dadaab. Eight thousand miles away that thin, shy girl – now 37 – had just become the member elect of the US House of Representatives for Minnesota’s fifth district.

Ilhan Omar, a Democrat, will assume office in January, sharing the historic distinction with Rashida Tlaib of being the first Muslim women elected to the US Congress.

“The women here talked about her. I remember in the hot weather afternoon, Ilhan and I used to play jumping rope near our homes. My family lived in a tent and Ilhan’s family lived in a makeshift structure made of sticks and cloth,” she said when reached by telephone by the Guardian.

Omar was born in the Somali capital, Mogadishu, but was raised in the inland town of Baidoa. She fled Somalia’s civil war with her parents at the age of eight and spent four years at what became known as the Dadaab camp in neighbouring Kenya.

Now a vast, impoverished city with an estimated population of at least 250,000 people, conditions were rudimentary when Omar was a resident. Many refugees had arrived from Somalia with nothing more than they could carry.

The reverse of the ostensibly inspirational nature of the story is that this is exactly what everyone feared would happen when we flooded our country with Moslems under the guise of humanitarianism – that they would infiltrate and take over the government.

Refugees coming into a country because they made their own country so shitty that they allegedly couldn’t even live there anymore and then entering the government of the country they fled to is so absurd that no one actually has any context for it.

It’s like if one day your dog walked into your bedroom and starting telling you about his favorite Gundam suit and explaining in detail why it was his favorite.

Would you feel inspired by that?

Or would you be afraid?

You would have absolutely no context to hold any opinion on the matter, so really you could go either way.

That is what they are doing with “yeah, so this bitch’s country was so shitty she had to come to live in yours on welfare and now she’s going to run your government.”

It’s so confusing that there cannot be any context for it, so they can fill in whichever context they want.

So they’re saying “wow, this is so brave.”

And people are just like “uh, okay… I guess so.”

If we go back to your dog talking to you about Gundams – if after he finished his talk, some guy walked in and said with authority, “this is a very brave dog,” you would say the same thing: “I guess he truly is.”

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  1. There are already several dozen cities in the US that can be described like this.

  2. Good point. Europe and America is still in the ‘shock’ phase at seeing the talking dog in their own home. It takes a few years, sometimes a few generations, to realise that the talking dog and its Jewish circus ringmaster have no place in one’s home, regardless of the discourse being spouted, and that both need to be physically removed.

  3. Boing says:

    Henceforth this Somali invader will devote every day to undermining white families, white society, the usa, and pursue her self-interest agenda of flooding usa with Somali benefit thieving scum and all the other thieving black immigrant shite from africa

  4. Keep this in mind. In MN during the 70s-mid 90s, state affiliated non-profits were recruiting blacks to move to MN from Gary, Chicago, and Milwaukee for gibs. As their numbers shrank, the focus switched to bringing in refugees. MN always was first in line to ask for refugees. Catholic Charities and Lutheran Social Services were largely responsible for this.

    I have said this before, and will continue to do so. Churches became abandoned by Generation X (as well as Y,Z) in large part because they piss allover whites. Refugee resettlement and gibs are what more and more young white men associate churches with–especially in MN.

  5. Bon says:

    If our demographic decline is not halted and reversed and 1.5 million “legal” immigrants aren’t stopped - plus “asylum seekers,” diversity lottery winners and refugees - 91% of whom are non-White - this type election will play out across the U.S.:

    Europeans Made up 9% of Immigrants to US in 2016

    This will just be a beginning as 4th world, communist, White-hating scum are elected to higher and higher positions - state senate, congress, governorships, judges, mayors of large cities - and worse.

    Yet if we protest we are called every name for Nazi, hater and Supremacist. What I hate most is Whites who vote for their own genocide.

    US Midterm Exit Polls Demonstrate the Nonwhite Alliance against Whites

    At least 80 percent of Jews, 90 percent of blacks, 69 percent of “Latinos,” and 77 percent of Asians voted Democratic in this week’s mid-term elections in America, underlining the fact that all the nonwhite groups have aligned in a grand anti-white coalition in that country.

  6. Somalians are an abomination there what made me a nazi very vicious lol Africans are terrified of them to Kenya treats them properly no way in hell can they ever be American

  7. An 80 IQ Congress Woman just what this country needs!

  8. I had a friend years ago who was really into black women. He married a woman from Kenya, who is actually very intelligent. I remember chatting with her about Somalis, and she said EVERYONE in Africa hates Somalis.

  9. She will promote Islam and all the things that made her country a shithole and herself a refugee.

  10. Meanwhile, White working class American men (and even many upper-middle-class Americans) can’t even get decent jobs.

    Yet, we’re giving prime positions in the government and academics, control of our government, and promotions to Africans who arrived here last week.

    They hate you, White man, and they are doing everything they can to degrade you and steal what you built.

    Fuck Jews. May their demonic, pedophile ancestors continue to burn in hell.

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