This Entire Vegas Narrative is Utter Bullshit – We are Being Lied to

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
October 7, 2017

There is absolutely zero way in all hell that the current narrative being sold about the Vegas massacre is true.

What is the narrative even?

Does anyone even know?


Is that what it actually is?

They just came out and announced that there was no second shooter and there is no connection to Islam.


Las Vegas investigators do not believe there was another shooter in the Mandalay Bay room where Stephen Paddock opened fire on thousands of concertgoers. Police also said the suspect had no known ties to Islamic terrorism.

At a Friday press conference, Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department Undersheriff Kevin McMahill told reporters that investigators are “very confident that there was not another shooter” in Paddock’s room.

Investigators have also reviewed “voluminous amounts of video from numerous locations,” but McMahill said that they have not “located any other person that we believe to be a suspect at this point.”

He added that investigators are also aware that the Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) has claimed responsibility for the shooting, but said that they have found “no known nexus” to terrorism or connections to ISIS.

“What I cannot confirm to you today, and what we continue to investigate is, whether anybody else may have known about this incident before he carried it out,” McMahill said.

Police are working with the FBI and other partners on a “massive” investigation into every aspect of Paddock’s life “from birth to death,” McMahill said. He specifically mentioned investigators looking into Paddock’s personal life, political affiliation, social behaviors, economic situation, and any “potential radicalization that so many have claimed.”

And they know nothing about his political affiliations even, they are claiming.

How is that possible?

That is all public record and they searched his house. They’ve searched his computers. They interviewed his entire family.

He also added that investigators are also “keenly interested” in Paddock’s medical status, and continue to investigate that.

McMahill said that this case is very different from previous terrorist attacks or mass murder incidents, where a motive was much easier to determine. In most cases, investigators are able to determine a motive after finding a note left at the scene, searching through social media posts and telephone calls made before the incidents or mining the suspect’s computer data.

Yeah, that’s the other thing. In the photos released of the hotel room, there are pictures of what looks like papers with handwriting on them.

What are those?

Why are we not being told what those are?

“While some of it has helped to create a better profile into the madness of this suspect, we do not, still, have a clear motive or reason why,” said McMahill.

McMahill said that investigators have also received more than 1,000 leads from the public, but warned that “rumor and supposition doesn’t help.”

Police are obligated to look into every lead and either debunk them or determine if there’s any validity to those leads. He said that true tips, however, are “imperative” to their investigation.

“We must remain focused solely on truth and fact,” McMahill said. “It’s very easy to assume.”

Is it easy to assume?

I am not having an easy time assuming anything other than a bunch of my people are dead and shot. And I am having a very easy time assuming that these people were targeted specifically because they were my people.

I’m not having an easy time assuming anything else here.

FBI special agent Aaron Rouse explained that law enforcement has teamed up with Clear Channel Outdoor to conduct an “information campaign, seeking true knowledge as to what happened in the events leading up to and involving this incident.”

Rouse said that they will create billboard ads around Las Vegas that will feature the words: “If you know something, say something” along with a phone number to report any leads.

Oh sure.

That’ll help.

No it won’t.

That almost sounds like the exact thing you would do if you were trying to make it look like you were trying to figure this out when in fact you are not because you already know what happened.

“This is critical for us,” Rouse said. “We have not stopped, we will not stop until we have the truth.”

Investigators also found Tannerite, an explosive composed of two substances, in Paddock’s car. They said that a “significant amount” of the explosive was in its “finished product,” while they also found ammonium nitrate and aluminum powder, which, when combined make the finished product of Tannerite.

However, McMahill said that they found the explosive in a condition that did not resemble an improvised explosive device (IED).


For those who don’t know, that is for target shooting.

Obviously, the guy was training before this.

Why would he not have that?

Why would the authorities imply this was an “explosive” – and then admit it isn’t actually – unless they are purposefully trying to confuse this situation?

“Sorry to tell you, I don’t know what he was going to do with all of that Tannerite,” McMahill said. “I wish I did and we continue to try to find that information out.”

He was using it for target practice before the attack, you stupid fuck.


There were two holes. Two vantage points.

Why would one shooter need two vantage points?

He’s running back and forth between them, even though he had a perfect shot from the right one, and moving back and forth would waste time?


Well, I’ll tell you what.

There’s some kind of connection to something here.

There is virtually zero chance that this was just some random insane attack. They haven’t even tried to make that argument. There is no evidence he was insane. The closest they’ve come to that is saying he did it because he was on Valium, maybe. Or something.

My people are dead and I want some fucking answers.

And at this point, they have some kind of answers. They have leads, at the very least, and in all likelihood, they know the entire story and they just aren’t saying it.

Instead, they’re telling us to pray.

Well, I’m done with praying.

They are reporting stupid things.

He slept with free prostitutes offered by the hotel – who wouldn’t do that?

He made his girlfriend nervous sometimes – who doesn’t do that?

He made a noise complaint to the hotel staff over the country music show less than 24 hours before opening fire – okay, that one is sort of weird. But it doesn’t mean anything. Even if we were to say that he did this because he was just really pissed off about country music, he already had all the guns in his room.

And there is no way you shoot half a thousand people because you hate country music. And if that was the case, there would be all kinds of documentation of his hate for country music.

What I know is this: 58 people are dead, 500 injured, and the overwhelming majority of those are my people and I want to know what the fuck happened here.

Another thing, and this is key: is this guy Jewish or part Jewish?

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  1. and another thing…

    How come there are only 2 pictures of this guy that apparently exist in his 64 years of living? And in the most recent one of him he has his eyes closed, great…

  2. When you look at the photo of the desk with the pen and paper on it, you can see the guy’s feet as he lies dead on the floor, presumably after shooting himself in the mouth. If he shot himself in the standing position, how in the name of Zeus’s Butthole did he manage to fall back in such a way that his lower leg is under a rifle, still perfectly propped up on its bipod undisturbed?

    Did he lay down on the floor and shoot himself? I imagine it’s much more relaxing to die like that, however odd it otherwise seems. But if he did, wouldn’t we see in the death photos of his face a bigger spray of blood and brains on the carpet? Has anyone seen a picture of the room where you can see any blood splatter on the ceiling or walls or bed or anything else?

    Nothing about this whole thing makes sense except that Jews had to have something to do with it. A mass slaughter of people Jews hate from a Jewish casino in a Jewish city that helps further a Jewish agenda that maybe even was perpetrated by a Jew…wtf?

  3. Fanda says:

    According to some guy on /pol, the FBI was selling guns to ISIS in an Operation Fast and Furious type deal, got BTFO, their middleman (now patsy) was killed and they did the terror attack. The authorities won’t release the details because it would damage the FBI (obviously), and they don’t want the public knowing how big ISIS is in the USA.

    Alternatively, the security agencies did this themselves.

    I can’t see any other logical explanations.

  4. I need a break from viewing all of the gory pictures of bloody, mutilated bodies that have been ripped
    apart by heavy duty caliber ammo.
    All of the 500 or so injured, all of the harried hospital staffs and ambulance drivers, all of the heart breaking
    interviews with the family members of the deceased.
    Particularly sad is the tv footage of families burying their loved ones.
    The thousands of twitter scenes of the massacre taken by concert-goers is soul-wearying too.

    What’s that you say? None of the above has been shown on (((msm)))?
    Does that mean that absence of evidence equates with evidence of absence?
    You’re telling me that this is another ‘nothing burger?’

    Well pardon me all to hell.

  5. Wonder if they’ll release the footage of him taking the weapons and bags of ammo up to his room. He would’ve been caught on camera numerous times.

    inb4 non of the security cameras in the hotel were recording that day

  6. Only narrative that makes sense is if this is a deep-state op for the purposes of gungrabbery. Paddock is a terrible patsy, there’s nothing in his background to support his being a killer. I think he was probably a last-minute choice for fall guy after their favorite fell through.
    The brother is clearly hiding much. He isn’t a grieving brother, he’s trying to deflect suspicion. I think he was up to something, the authorities know it, and that leverage they’ve on him is the only reason he’s still alive. If you believe anything about the official story, you’re not paying attention.

  7. I’m wondering if this whole thing isn’t some clever and morbid way to put pressure on Paddock’s family in some way…sort of like how it came to light that the Batman shooter’s father was scheduled to testify before Congress about malfeasance in the banking system a few days after the theater shooting. His son just happens to go bonkers with the worst timing ever? Cohencidences?

  8. Literally everything everywhere is a false flag and literally everyone involved in everything is a crisis actor.

    I just got my $1,488 check in the mail from Soros for my part in Charlottesville.

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