Third World Hordes Continue Surge Into Canada

Lee Rogers
Daily Stormer
September 3, 2017

Allah be praised! Canada is transforming itself into a vibrant multicultural nation!

It looks as if Justin Trudeau’s dreams of transforming Canada into a multicultural Republic fueled by homosexuality, third world barbarism and Islamic doctrine is coming to fruition. Thousands of third world hordes are surging into Canada from the United States to escape the racist policies of Donald J. Drumpf. Praise be to Allah!


Canada expects migrants to continue border jumping from the United States for many more months, and officials said Friday they are readying temporary accommodation to deal with the surge through winter.

A harsh winter is around the corner, and the government launched an urgent call for the winterized mobile homes.

Many of the more than 7,000 migrants who crossed on foot from the US state of New York into Canada’s Quebec province since July 1 have been housed in tent cities near the border set up by the military.

Others were put up at Montreal’s Olympic stadium and other venues until better accommodations could be found.

Is it not interesting to see how these third world hordes never go back to their home nation? When they realize they are in danger of getting deported they immediately move to another country with a majority White racial demographic. It is puzzling that they would do this since all White people are evil racists who hate non-White people because of their skin pigmentation. I know this because a bunch of Jews on CNN told me so.

This has led me to think that White Europeans aren’t such bad people after all. Of course that possibly can’t be the answer since the Jewish controlled media says otherwise. There must be some other complex explanation to this situation that would require a Jewish lawyer with multiple PhD’s to provide.

Either way, it will be interesting to see how Trudeau and the Canadian government handles this situation. Now that Canada is officially becoming a multicultural nation dominated by faggots, low IQ third world hordes and Moslems, it should truly be a paradise on earth.

Only racists would not want to live in such a nation. In fact, I think I might move there. I’ll have to ask Zeiger for some suggestions on possible living accommodations. I definitely want to choose a location that has the most faggots, third world savages and Moslems so I can be enriched with maximum vibrancy.