Third Rail Episode 22: Donkey Konging Our Way to Whiteness

Daily Stormer
September 10, 2017

This week the crew discusses Vox Day’s descent in madness, why you can’t Mossad the Assad, and Ta-Na Genius Coates’ The First White President


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Charles’ Syria Article

The First White President


We have a generous sponsor who is willing to fork up $1,250 dollars (plus $500 in Bitcoin) for a White birth promotion video. That is to say a video which explicitly promotes the idea of White couples having babies. Here are some conditions on the video itself:

  1. No foul language or criticism of other races
  2. Explicit mention of current and projected white population % worldwide and /or by nation
  3. Unapologetic praise of the qualities and inherent value of our people
  4. Explicit advocacy of increased European birth rates as a sane alternative to population replacement via migration
  5. Must be a least one minute in length
  6. Must get at least 10K views on YouTube
  7. Third Rail panel decides winner

There are also some Bonuses: +$250 if ADL or SPLC notices it and calls it “hate” + $500 if a major internet shit storm (as declared by Third Rail panel) erupts over it.

If this sounds right up your alley, send a link with your submission to email: