They Don’t Consider Themselves “White”

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
August 22, 2018

One of the things that Americans need to get over is their aversion to “class critique.”

This is usually considered something that only Shitlibs and Marxists do – talk about class, that is.

There is, however, no reason for that to belong exclusively to Leftists. Read any conservative thinkers in the 19th century. Some of the keenest minds on the Right, patriots and nationalists alike, they all factored class into their understanding of the world. But because of something called “political clusters,” conservatives in America shy away from this rhetoric.

I’ll give you an example: free trade.

For some reason, thanks to Reagan mostly, “free trade” and a bunch of other strange, unrelated topics all got bundled together under the big tent of “conservatism.” To be a conservative meant loving your country and conserving its traditions… but also being pro-free trade. And hating whales and the environment or something.

But why? What do these issues have to do with one another?

Not much at all. Only, people wanted to support Reagan, and they liked the whole, “fuck libs” part of his argument, and they were willing to go along with the rest. There is no logical thread uniting “free trade” and gutting America’s manufacturing economy and being a God-fearing American patriot.

But that’s what clever political schemers will do – they’ll create these political platforms that cluster certain unrelated – and often even contradictory – values together.

What’s funny is that the shitlibs do it too. They still think that they need to do the whole “class critique” thing. What makes this absurd is that most shitlibs¬†are¬†the bourgeoisie – the moneyed upper-middle class – that they so hate (in theory).

Just like conservatives who loved their country were duped into sending their own manufacturing jobs to China, so too do liberals illogically support this class warfare rhetoric. Perhaps, when they and their ideas were not yet mainstream, and the mainstream was still conservative and patriotic in America, it made sense for them to use this rhetoric.

But now? When they’re the rich ones? When the corporations are all, without exception, Globo-Homo and completely Leftist in orientation?

It’s absurd.

And it might bite them in the ass eventually.

With that out of the way, let’s get more specific here.

Take the guy in the photo above, stomping on the statue of the Confederate soldier.

This isn’t some Marxist, working-class revolutionary straight from the factories tearing down the statue of the Tsar.

This is a Striver.

He’s just someone angling for a comfy white collar managerial position in Bugman America.

More than anything, he wants to have a somewhat comfortable job that will afford him the ability to shop at Whole Foods, live in the Green Zone around said Whole Foods, cycle to work if he so chooses to, go to happy hour at the trendy hipster places with his peers and have enough space in his glass-encased plastic condo to raise a small dog.

Perhaps, deep down, he realizes that he isn’t really going anywhere with his life. He’s no one special. But at the very least, he’s not a¬†redneck.¬†At the very least, he’s not¬†White Trash.¬†

He’s going to make it, you see. He’s going to escape, out of that suburb that his Boomer parents have been living in for the last twenty years while they raised him. Away from the cul-de-sacs and¬†into¬†the art clusters. Where there’s culture –¬†stand-up comedy and microbrews.¬†Where there’s marble columns and impressive looking buildings to remind him that he’s in an important place. Not like those bleak strip malls that have surrounded him his entire life.

And he knows – well, at least his parents knew – that one of the only paths left open to Whites who want to socially climb is to get an elite education.¬†But once there, he quickly picks up on the requirements of joining the Striver class.¬†He thought that he was going to a secular school, but he quickly found out that he was, in fact, enrolled in a religious institution. The religion being anti-Whiteism.¬†So he begins picking up on the cues of the priests teaching the classes, the social pressure of his peers because deep down, what he really wants, is not to be mistaken for¬†them…

The hated White underclass.

Perhaps he’s from a wealthy suburb, and he’s never really even¬†seen¬†these vicious, inbred, tooth-missing, moonshine swigging neanderthals that he’s heard so much about.

But they’re real in his mind, and in the minds of his peers, who are always on the look-out, always trying to sniff out if any might have strayed onto their campus by accident.¬†And like any cult, it’s members are required to signal that they¬†understand¬†the tenets, and that they believe the dogma.

In his mind, putting his foot down on the neck of the toppled Confederate statue was a way of¬†proving¬†his loyalty, once and for all. He¬†isn’t¬†like those Other Whites. He wants to join the Elite SWPL Whites… because if he doesn’t… well, it’s back to Strip Mall City. Worse, he might have to actually live among the Browns if he doesn’t make it.

That is the unspoken consequence of not hacking it out at a top school.

It means not being able to make enough money, get the right career that you need to get away from the rapidly encroaching favela. The sketchy people, as shitlibs like to refer to them. The ones that live in the questionable part of town.

So he’ll do what he thinks that he has to do – and he’s discovered that it’s easier to work yourself into a religious fervor first.

Stomping on that statue, and telling his friends about it – well, that ensured that his PC credentials were solid enough for at least the next year of college or grad school. He feels good about himself, and deep down, there’s a quiet relief in his heart. Now he won’t be mistaken for a Bad White. Now he has a better shot of living and working with the Good Whites.

He’s bought himself some more time.

And even deeper down, he’s glad that those Trump-loving Neon-Nazis exist – somewhere out there. That means that he can point his finger at them and say, “see, those are your real enemies. I’m not like that. I’m on your side. Go after them, not me. You still need me for a few more years to help you out. So please, spare me another year.”

Funnily enough, I’m sure that waaaaay down there somewhere, he hopes against hope that we win.¬†

Of course, once we win, he’ll be able to counter-signal us with even more gusto. Safe in the knowledge that the crazy mob all around him won’t come for his skin. Relieved that his virtue-signaling will become harmless again.


If you’ve ever spent some time in elite universities, you know what I’m talking about here. The only consolation is that the Jews and Browns are so rabid and so worked up, even soyboy allies are not safe – not for very long anyways.

And if they ramp up the rhetoric, they may end up eventually even pushing the Good Whites away.

That’s not to say that shitlib Whites will come over to our side en masse… but that they will start fading out of the political discussion.¬†That’s the best case scenario: that these Whites get spooked and realize that being “allies” won’t save them. Hopefully, they just¬†shut up en masse. And at the rate things are going, this will probably happen in the next couple years.

We’re going to have to do something about these Strivers eventually, but for now, the Anti-White Left might do our job for us.

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