There is No American Republic! Fuck You! Give Me $1000!

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
March 13, 2019

America is no longer a Republic, or even a state or nation.

What it is is a people. Americans do exist. We are a people. We are the descendants of the people who founded this country, and we are a unique group of people that is easily defined.

But we, the American PEOPLE, are living in a nightmare realm of a multicultural mass marketplace, an economic zone where the authoritarian government exists simply to destroy us.

After this Trump debacle, where the entire system of all institutions in this economic zone turned against one man who was popularly elected and totally and completely destroyed him proves that there simply is not an argument that this is a real country.

American Nationalists are now like White South African Nationalists. We are a people without a state. The term “Amerikaner” is quite apt.

So basically, any of you boomers telling us that we can’t have $1000 “because socialism” – go fuck yourselves. Seriously. Fuck you. Just fuck off to your beach condo and have a heart attack.

We are not going to get any type of fairness from this system. We have seen the only single guy who could have done something to fix this system go from this:

To this:

In a matter of two years.

The American system is a gigantic festering corpse with people from all over the entire world swarming it and eating it, and these disgusting self-righteous boomers want to tell us that we get none of it because it would violate “values and principles.”

My answer to this is very clear: fuck you, give me $1000.

Boomers allowed Jews to completely destroy this country while they took acid, fucked each other and got rich in the best economy in all of history.

They took away our entire birthright, now they’re trying to take our $1000 by dazzling us with inane gibberish about “values and principles.”

You are not going to restore the American Republic, you are not going to restore the white majority, you are not going to restore Christian values, you are not going to restore anything at all until we enter into some kind of completely new phase – which is a long way off.

I’m not a time traveler.

My millennial and zoomer readers are not time travelers.

We are alive, right now, with no ability to fast forward into some future where the American system completely collapses and we are able to build a New America from the rubble.

Some of us have 50, 60 years left on this earth, in this international marketplace that is called a country, and telling us “oh but you have to just fucking die because otherwise it’s socialism” is the malicious contempt and homicidal vitriol that is so characteristic of boomers.

How about this, boomer: how about YOU die and WE get $1000.

There is nothing to save here, other than the people. If you are trying to save the American state after what we have seen happen to Donald Trump, then you are basically a Jewish terrorist. You simply cannot want to save the state and the people – it’s one or the other.

And when I say “SAVE AMERICA,” what is in my mind is THE PEOPLE.

Also, This Isn’t Socialism

The boomers are simply too goddamn braindead to ever grasp the fact that UBI isn’t even socialism that I’m not bothering to try to explain this to them – but I will explain it to you, the younger reader (which is 90% of the audience).

We are entering into a situation where there won’t be anymore jobs in factories. There won’t be anymore jobs in mines. There won’t be anymore jobs driving trucks. The robots are taking those jobs, period.

This isn’t a debate. It is already happening.

There won’t even be anymore retail or other service sector jobs. You’ve seen the automated McDonald’s. And we’ve had self check-out at Walmart for over a decade.

Furthermore, a whole helluva bunch of white collar jobs are going to go away. AI algorithms will take the jobs of people who work in finance, insurance, even journalism.

I have been saying this for years. In fact, I’ve been saying it before I was even pro-white. I was saying this in 2009, when I read Uncle Ted and Jaques Ellul. When I was 25, I freaked out and went to live in a jungle for a year.

There isn’t going to be any work.

How can people work if there are no jobs?

So the government is going to have to take money from the monopoly corporations that own all of these robots and give it to us. Or, the government is going to have to nationalize these private companies that own all of these robots, and the state own them directly, and pay us.

Even if we lived in a 100% White Christian country, we would absolutely have to implement UBI at some point. It’s come faster now because we’ve flooded the country with worthless brown people. Our contracting white population would have held it off longer. But it is simply inevitable that at some point, robots do the jobs and a large majority of humans don’t have any jobs because they’ve been stolen by robots.

You can call that “socialism” I guess, but if you do you’re a retard.

“Socialism” means redistributing wealth from people. Redistributing wealth from robots is simply called “obvious common sense measure to keep everyone from becoming drug addicts and dying.”

So you can say Andrew Yang is a meme, you can say he’s a Chinese spy, you can say “BUT IT’S SOCIALISM.”


Fuck you!

Give me $1000!