The War Room – Episode 27: Spencer Rapone is /Our Guy/ #WhiteCommunism

Sacco Vandal
The Right Stuff
October 10, 2017

We White Communists now!

The official podcast of and by right-wing veterans. In this episode, Pyscho Sacco, Doctor Mayhem, Fashoslav, Nagash, Maverick, and Bones promote Day of the Nursing Home, go over the fallout from Vegas, review the status of trannies in the military, discuss military operations in Niger, meme about White Communism, and reveal some shocking little-known facts about Spencer Rapone!

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Intro Song: “Death to Traitors” by Xurius

Break Song: “Total Eclipse of the Sun” fashy Bonnie Tyler by Sacco Vandal

Outro Song: “Warpath” by Amon Amarth