The War Room Ep. 33: A MOAB in Every Arsenal and a Nork War Bride in Every Bedroom

The Right Stuff
April 20, 2017

The official podcast for right-wing veterans. In this episode, the joint chiefs discuss MOAB Nationalism and the possibility of turning North Korea into one big White Space Marine Hapa Harem. Also, don’t miss the opening glimpse into the first stop of the Psycho Rape Tour nor the ending glimpse into a live recording session of the Vandal Clan.

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Intro Song: “Death to Traitors” by Xurius

Break Songs: “As Our Skin is White (And Our Eyes Are Blue)” by Sacco Vandal

Outro Song: “All My Friends Are Troll Racists” written by CJ Vandal and LaVandal, and sung by LaVandal