Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
January 18, 2018

Trump is back, baby. Read it and rejoice.


US President Donald Trump has strongly reasserted his commitment to building a wall along the Mexican border after White House Chief of Staff John Kelly said he had changed his mind on one of his main campaign pledges.

Speaking to Hispanic lawmakers on Wednesday, Kelly said Trump was not “fully informed” about the situation when he pledged to build the wall along the 2,200 mile (3,550km) border.

The promise to build the wall, and have Mexico pay for it, was one of the central planks of Trump’s campaign – yet no major movement has been made on the project in the year since Trump’s inauguration.

Who is this Kelly? Is he cucking up and inserting some wishful thinking that beaners WON’T be deported en masse when he talks to these “hispanic lawmakers”?

He’s some general that replaced Preibus as COS when I wasn’t looking.

Shame on him for thinking that Trump would ever allow hispanic law-breakers or law-makers stay. According to that weird Jew who wrote “Fire and Fury,” they have a cold relationship tho, so idk.

Not sure what to make of that.

Hopefully both of them want the Wall, but both are too shy to say it, so they keep fumbling around each other and not coming out and just saying that they both hate beaners at the same time in a heart-warming seen of brotherly Aryan love.

Just like in my Chinese cartoons.

Serious political analysis from here on down.

I figure that Trump was just flirting with DACA to get all those RINO cunts and Demofags to let their guard down.

And then he dick-slapped them all across the face with his MAGA WALL

Seriously though, as Andrew has mentioned, that wall has to come up. It’s not about the bricks and the mortar, its about the principle of the matter. The Wall is the only thinking keeping White Amerikaners safe from the Beaner menace… until we can bio-engineer a Titan to start curb-stomping Beaners en masse.

I think that once Trump builds an “Attack on Titan” style wall, we can really start getting creative about the beaners and niggers still within our walls.

Now that the Negro Felon League is dead, Americans need a new bloodsport to keep them entertained.

I wonder if we can petition Trump to round up all the niggers and amnesty spics into a Deadman Wonderland colliseum and watch them rip each other to shreds.


So many possibilites.

But I don’t want to get ahead of myself. Once we get that wall, we can start thinking about the fun stuff, and not a minute sooner.

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  1. i dont think we can count on Trump - we have to keep pushing our own agenda

    if he wanted to i think he could make mejico pay for the wall thru tariffs though. he could make them scream and beg to pay for it because the businesses down there that sell into this country would be SOL

  2. it’s been a year since Trump took the oath of office and the construction for the wall haven’t started!

  3. Grady says:


  4. We shouldn’t even need a wall honestly… The Mestizos should be so afraid of being killed for crossing that border line that they wouldn’t dare… That’s how our ancestors did things… It’s the policy in place that causes the flood of illegal immigration not the lack of a wall…

  5. The jews and their goyim puppets don’t want a wall - they want more non-white immigration to destroy white countries.

  6. Is it really happening or is this just an excuse for us to break out old wall memes we made? Oh well, I will use that excuse for now…

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