The View’s Joy Behar the Latest Blackfacer to Get Caught in the Scandal

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
February 9, 2019

The great blackface picture hunt of 2019 continues.

None will be spared.


A clip from ABC’s popular chat show ‘The View’ has resurfaced amid the ongoing media uproar over blackface costumes. It shows the panel discussing host Joy Behar’s “beautiful African woman” costume.

Behar introduced a photo of herself in an old Halloween costume where she dressed as a “beautiful African woman” at a Halloween party in the 1970s when she was 29 years old, in a segment in which the panel were discussing curly hair which aired back in 2016.

Amid the current media firestorm over blackface costumes worn by Democrat politicians in the past, The Wrap media editor Jon Levine seized the moment and shared the controversial clip (and the reaction to it) on Twitter. 

In the segment, Raven-Symoné, a former co-host of Behar’s, asks, “Joy, are you black?” to which Behar responded that she was wearing makeup “a little bit darker than my skin.”

Neither ABC nor Behar have made an official statement on the current controversy. 

Yeah, that may be so, but now that a Journifa Jew like Jon Levine is on the case, there’s little hope of that.

This is his big scoop. He wants his scalp.

I probably shouldn’t make a direct prediction like this, but I think that the whole Democrat vs Republican split on the whole blackface/race issue is overblown.

We’re at the stage where it matters very little if you’re a goy with an R or a D next to your name. Once a Journifa sets his sights on you, you’re finished.

So we’ll see if I’m right on this.

It can go one of two ways:

  1. Because Joy is a liberal who has served their team well, she will be spared
  2. Journifa will rip her to shreds regardless of her party affiliation

I’m predicting option 2.

She will be put out to pasture soon.

Megyn Kelly was put out to pasture for far less.

All she did was ask “what is the deal with blackface?” She never did it herself.

They’re all fair game now.

Especially if you factor in the fact that ambitious and politically correct Millennials are angling for these older media personalities’ jobs and see this as the perfect chance to get a promotion.