The Radical Far Left Socialist Agenda That Would Destroy Our Economy

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
March 15, 2019

Sean Hannity seems to have the inside info on the 2020 Trump platform.

And it is the worst shit I have ever heard in my life.

Just absolute gibberish. Socialism, anti-Semitism, the free market, taxes – it’s just boomer.txt.

Guess what, Sean?

If people cared about this sort of bullshit, Jeb Bush would have won the nomination and the presidency in 2016.

The reason Jeb Bush didn’t win either of those things is that no one gives a fuck.

As soon as you people start talking about “far left socialism will destroy the economy,” everyone shuts off. Everyone but an elite minority that has the luxury of caring about taxes. And those people probably have IQs too high to watch your show anyway.

Those of us who are not part of an upper-middle class luxury elite only really care about one thing – the thing that Donald Trump ran on last time – and that is immigration.

Hannity still has high ratings, so apparently people are watching the show. But those are just low IQ people who are comforted by an endless barrage of emphatic cliches. The same stupid slogans they’ve been hearing for 40 years.

It’s like how I occasionally sit and watch 90s Simpsons episodes. They’re not saying anything important, but it’s something that was around when I was a kid that I find comforting.

I think I speak for everyone under the age of 40 when I say: I care less about saving the American economy than I do about those goofy hajis who just got spree-killed in New Zealand.

When I hear “anti-Semitic socialist far-left agenda to wreck America of the free market economy built out of bootstraps and firm handshakes,” my response is very simple:

Fuck you.

Give me $1000.