The Poz Button 59 – The Survivalist / Alone in the Wilderness

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July 11, 2018

Get tense and comfy this week on the Poz Button as Borzoi talks to Doctor Narcan and Dark Enlightenment about two very different pieces of media. First we have the sparse and minimal thriller, the Survivalist. Then we have the comfy and wholesome documentary Alone in the Wilderness. Join us for survival tips and anprim philosophy.

Check the notes for the new rating system!


From now on I will be rating the content of the movies we watch using a general rating system to give you an idea of the level of poz in the film.

The Survivalist

Alone in the Wilderness

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  • The Visigoth siege in the Roman times I referred to was at Clermont, not Claiborne.

References and Links

OPENING AUDIO – Guy McPherson on Indicators of Ecological Collapse

After London


A Boy and His Dog

Michael Ruppert and Peak Oil

Show, don’t tell

Minimalist filmmaking

The Secret of Kells


The Colony

Narcan’s list (pending)

Les Stroud

The Road (book)

The Road (film)

The Hero’s Journey

Christian Bale’s Machinist diet

Storm King

Storm King’s interview (very interesting stuff)

The Unabomber Manifesto: Industrial Society and Its Future

Technological Slavery 

Can Life Prevail?

Mushishi Sub and Dub

Angry American books

William R. Forschten books

Bug-out bag

Cody Lundin

Siege on Clermont (not Claiborne)

BREAK SONG – Vapor Lounge 2048 by Storm King

BREAK AUDIO – David Skrbina, Pen Pal of the Unabomber, on Ted Kaczynski’s Philosophy 

BREAK AUDIO – Opening of Alone in the Wilderness


Alone in the Wilderness and Dick Proenneke

Location of Proenneke’s cabin

Christopher McCandless


Into the Wild

Carl McCunn

Hail Victory Podcast

One Man’s Wilderness

St. Herman of Alaska


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