The Perks of Being a Coalburner

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
July 4, 2018

If there is one thing I love about the negroid people, it is Worldstar.

For those who don’t know, it’s a site that allows black people to upload cellphone videos of their adventures in blackness.

They just have the best videos.

Black people, you know, they naturally indulge in and are proud of all of the stereotypical behavior we mock them for, and point to as the reasons they are incompatible with white society. This is a serious problem for people like Ta-Nahesi Coates. Really a great thing for us.

Because they will just post videos, proudly, of them doing all these things we say they do.

It almost makes you feel bad for them – the way that all of their internet use is effectively white supremacist propaganda.

This latest great clip from Worldstar I have dubbed “The Perks of Being a Coalburner.”

It features a light-skinned woman, who the narrator identifies as a Latinx, in a corner of a basement, curled up, while the nigger – her babydaddy – has just beaten the shit out of another nigger she was fucking, who is bleeding in a pile of children’s toys.

Really fantastic stuff.

The best part is when the narrator says “call Donald Trump, send this bitch back. I wanna see her papers.” The bitch call the cops on this nigga, he be calling ICE on her latin ass.

Eleven years he took care of her, teached her to use his grandaddy’s BBQ sauce. That bitch ain’t never met Pawpaw Ken. Eleven years.

Or maybe the best part is when the hoe ass nigga holds up a bloody children’s toy to show the camera – because he knows as well as the narrator that this shit is going on Worldstar. So he wants that shit on the record.

Anyway, great stuff.

I’d love to see Ta-Nahesi comment on this clip, or Worldstar generally.

Why do black bodies act like this, Ta-Nahesi?

Is it because of Donald Trump?


Black people seem to get along well with latinos. People have been discussing the logistics of ridding America of blacks since emancipation, and I think we can just “deathmarch” (just a turn of phrase) them into Mexico. Have ICE send them with the Mexicans.

They’ll figure it out.

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