The Krypto Report – Episode XXXV: Requiem for a Tumor

Daily Stormer
August 27, 2018

On this TUMORIFFIC edition of The Krypto Report, Azzmador and the TKR Wrecking Crew™️ celebrate the death of the no-good cuck and former Manchurian Candidate John McCain, as well as welcoming back Texan Barbaryan of Stormer Book Club for another installment of The Book Report.

While recording, the Jacksonville, FL gaming convention shooting happened, so we have live (at the time) coverage of that for you. You don’t get this sort of highbrow analysis and opinion from PBS, let me tell you!

We also answer listener questions from BBS.

We also discussed the (((Chinese Communists))) hacking 1000% ALL MAN Alex Jones’ phone with disgusting tranny porn in an attempt to stop 1776 from happening all over again!


Topics discussed:

  • The Noble Tumor
  • John McCain was a traitor and a songbird – NOT A HERO
  • Alex Jones ain’t sucked on no ding dongs
  • Atlanta Negro pushing White mother onto train tracks story hits on all Cultural Marxist cylinders
  • The left’s attempt to use the Sargon Gambit on the Mollie Tibbets story
  • Anti-Sodomy laws in Minecraft
  • Women should raise their hands before speaking
  • 64% of Republicans ok with Trump saying “nigger”
  • Cancer-curing cigarettes
  • The Book Report with Texan Barbaryan
  • Various practical applications for David Hogg
  • And much, much more!

this week’s featured music: I Don’t Like (Chief Keef parody) by Zyklon Don ft. Azzmador, and Ary4n Future by CYBERN4ZI

Click here to download “I Don’t Like”

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As always, Thanks so much for listening!

Top Comments

  1. I’d pay a lot of shekels to have that tumor preserved in a jar of formaldehyde to set it on my mantle.

  2. We need to set up a gofundme to get a statue made in the tumor’s honor

  3. GOD DAMN SON >>> these fucking raps are GOLD

    Can you give up some mp3 clips of these? Or better yet sell them for BITCOIN

    White Chalk was an instant classic.

    The Shit I Don’t Like is on point as well

    Keep up the great work goys and may the cyber-shekels rain down on you.

  4. @Azzmador I had no idea u wuz a rapper en Sheeit. My philosophy is “You can’t spell.CRAP without RAP” but I dig your white boy style.

    My 6yo son and I can’t stop saying your hook in White Chalk.

  5. Why let all this hood lyfe street cred go to waste?

  6. I’m listening to the new song right now. Pure Fucking Gold!

  7. I got btc shekels inbound for you Azz - you make a show, I send shekels - that’s the deal.

    You and I are both old enough to have known some Vietnam vets when they came back. I can’t even tell you the nightmares I had as a kid from hearing their stories.

    My old man was a jarhead so I knew all about what was going on. The best of those guys got the worst of the shaft while human waste like John “Songbird” McCain and John “Lying To The Senate” Kerry got put on a pedestal.

    Anyway I haven’t listened to the show but it goes on the top of the stack right after FTN.

    Keep up the good work.

  8. Stormy says:

    It should be a holy relic in the Church of Kek.

  9. What chapter are you in? BC based on your comment history, the chapter you have been involved with IS NOT an official Stormer Book Club.
    Furthermore, if you are a member of Stormer Book Club, rule number one is you never post about it, esp. not here.
    Rule #1 you do not talk about Stormer Book Club
    Rule #2 you do not talk about Stormer Book Club
    Rule #3 you do not talk about Stormer Book Club.

    The only way to be a member of SBC or an official SBC chapter is to email and go through the process. If your group is not willing to do this, DO NOT REPRESENT YOURSELVES AS SBC ANYWHERE, EVER AGAIN.

    Going through the process is no guarantee you or your group will be accepted, but it is the only way you can join, and we have stated such on this website dozens of times, including during the show under which you are posting.

    I’ve been told about a group in your area, and that group has been spreading false information and violating basic rules.

    Now that I have put you on notice, do as requested immediately. You don’t want to continue going down the road of being a fraudulent, out of compliance SBC, I assure you.

    EDIT: That loser Tactical Bowlcut damned well knows this, bc he told Johnny Monoxide a load of incorrect bullshit such as SBC members can belong to multiple orgs, and Johnny repeated that shit on his show, and I had Johnny remind him he is not SBC. I told him over a year ago his group cannot be SBC.

    You boys need to get with the program or get out of the way.

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