The Krypto Report – Episode XXXIV: White Chalk

Daily Stormer
August 21, 2018


On this week’s edition of The Krypto Report, Azzmador is joined as always by his Wrecking Crew, Zyklon Don and Grandmaster Fash, to discuss all the topics important to White people.

Along the way the listener is treated to fresh new fashy music, and other original content.

This week’s theme revolves around Omarosa’s claim that Glorious Leader secretly wants to start a race war, the truth of that, and the state of the actual race war that’s been going on for some time, and who is fighting it and who isn’t.

We have a long discussion about the further deplatforming of Alex Jones and Alt-Lite types like Gavin McInnes, ponder the utility of their treatment to our cause, and dig deep into what it is they actually advocate.

Topics discussed: 

  • Alex Jones’ temporary Twitter ban
  • Jack Dorsey’s admission that Twitter uses temporary bans as a form of Orwellian social engineering
  • Why the left prefers to SHUT IT DOWN instead of debating their ideas with us
  • The effects on society of multi-racial integration
  • Reverse Supremacy
  • The Mainstream Right has no balls, and hasn’t for decades
  • Why both Republicans and Democrats want to import and give the vote to low IQ illiterate turd-worlders
  • Trump’s alleged nigger tape
  • Omarosa Manigault-Newman’s claim Trump wants to start a race war.
  • The actual race war as illustrated in a few short stories
  • Little old White lady abused on the bus by blacks and beaten to a bloody pulp for calling them “niggers”
  • How making racial slurs toward blacks a beating/killing offence while leaving them free to call us a litany of ant-White racial slurs is an overt and in-your-face form of Black Supremacy in our own society
  • Up and coming Negroid director Bootlip Riley’s assertion that Spike Lee’s BlackKKlansman movie isn’t anti-White and anti-cop enough.
  • And much, much more!

This week’s featured original music is Zyklon Don ft. Azzmador and GrandMasterFash – White Chalk (Rich The Kid – Plug Walk Parody)

Click here to download it.

Break music is Valkyrie by CYBERN4ZI

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As always, Thanks so much for listening!


Top Comments

  1. Good, you weren’t kidding about doing this every week.

    I’ll send you some more $ btc Azz. I like to support those who are effective.

  2. Glad to have you back @Azzmador , last episode was top notch, can’t wait to listen to this one at the gym.

  3. Thank God. I was getting sick of listening to Mike and Sven talk about airports. Switching over now.

  4. Re: White Chalk; Azzmador’s a better rapper than 99% of the pavement apes Hollywood and (((the Music Industry))) throw at us.

    I like the line where they warn The Tribe that their oven’s on pre-heat.

  5. daily shoah has been really bad since sven came back

  6. T.O says:

    @Azzmador you could get back on Twitter with your username using Russian Cryllic Zs. The algorithm wouldn’t pick up the user name that way. Any phone or computer has a virtual keyboard and I know iPhones have them all built in. It would look like this: Aззmador.

    We gotta take back Twitter for The Great Meme War of 2020 that’ll be coming up. It’ll be even more intense than 2016 my fellow Vets.

  7. The download link is in the show description.


    That RSS url brings up many episodes to my podcast player including the latest one XXXIV: White Chalk but I get an “UNEXPECTED SERVER RESPONSE” when attempting to download it.

    I did manage to DL it from the provided link and then upload to Drive and Open and Save with my podcast player though. I’m just wondering if that is an official RSS feed that should be working.

    @Mathias Did you manage to DL XXXIV via RSS url feed in your podcast app?

    Jesus Christ, what’s wrong with me. EDIT: Azzmador, you are fucking killing it man. Thank you for all you do, fantastic work. :)))

  9. I’m listening to the part about Gavin wanting to loose criminal groids, arm them and give them crack. I didn’t realize Gavin was such an accelerationist, God damn

  10. That absolutely did not even remotely happen.

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