The Krypto Report: Episode XXV – Brainstormtrooping with Ricky Vaughn

Daily Stormer
January 8, 2017


On the first episode of The Krypto Report for The Current Year™️ 2018, Azzmador welcomes the world famous Ricky Vaughn, perhaps the most well-known Alt Right social media personality. Ricky’s online activism has been so effective that the MIT Project named him on of the top influencers of the 2016 Presidential election. 

This is an important show that you should listen to, for several reasons.

A couple of weeks ago, I noticed that Ricky was apparently in a flame war with a certain sector of the more hardcore 1488 crowd (of which I count myself a member) in which the essential issues were the proposition that he denies White Identity, eschews ethnic nationalism in favor of civic nationalism, and is thus Alt Lite rather than Alt Right. The underlying theme of this was the eternal dichotomy of winning a battle vs. winning a war.

I felt that these were compelling issues, and based on a long (in internet time) interaction with Ricky, I felt that these were subjects that demanded a more in-depth and probing exploration than can be accomplished in gotcha arguments carried out 300 characters at a time on Gab.

The ensuing conversation is not only special and engaging, it is an exposition of broad concepts and goals that underpin everything we are trying to do, and in having the discussion we touch deeply on history, both recent and not so recent, politics, news, personalities, group dynamics, and tactics.

We begin by stating our positions, and by having a calm, thoughtful back and forth, over the course of the show we discover that we are indeed on the same page and want the same basic things, even if we might have a few points of disagreement on how these things should be accomplished.

The major theme of the show was American Nationalism, and I think my take on American Nationalism being wrapped up in White Identity really closed the gap in the perceived differences we had on both topics. American Nationalism is the movement whose time has truly come, and if you haven’t yet, I urge you to read these seminal posts on the topic by Andrew Anglin and Ben Garland.

How could anyone be against this?

We discussed a plethora of important topics:

  • The ultimate goals of this movement
  • White Identity, doable or not?
  • The nature of American Nationalism
  • Positive activism vs. grievance mongering
  • Changing the culture to make our positions politically palatable
  • Short term vs. long term tactics
  • The Alt Right and the Alt Lite
  • Assessing the Trump presidency thus far
  • Politicians, left and right
  • The importance of electoral politics
  • Is there still an opportunity to effect change by voting?
  • What is the best way forward?

And, of course, the pressing question many of you have been asking –

  • Is Ricky Vaughn actually a Jew/Flip named Art Tavana?

Ricky also answered listener questions and responded to comments and accusations.

I hope that a big takeaway a lot of people get from this is that we need to listen to each other more, and engage in discussion more often, rather than always flaming and screaming at one another. It’s a lesson I certainly needed at this time, as much as anyone. We need to save our venom for the enemy, not our allies.

Bros in arms

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Never give up!

Never lose faith!

Thanks for listening!

Top Comments

  1. And thank you for providing the show free of charge. It’s good to see it back in the lineup again after so long.

  2. Isnt Ricky a gay philipino? Or was that some disinfo?

  3. Disinfo by dopey spergs.

  4. I didn’t hear one idea out of him to get people wise to the JQ. I feel like that is the issue to get whites woken up.

  5. Hey look it’s Ricky Vaughn aka Ricky Bobby aka Armchair Field Marshall aka The Gatekeeper! What an honor.

    Focus-on-trump-not-on-jews nationalism rises!

  6. Ever seen a pic of this guy? Me neither. He could be a 4 feet tall bugman from Taiwan for all we know.

  7. I love the Krypton Report, but Ricky Vaugn is the most boring, inarticulate guest you could possibly have on.

  8. Ricky is gay, sucks, low energy, and propably not %100 white, Azzmador who I love was too nice to him, boomer/genx tier nice, Azz you need to work on your verbal skills. We all see it.

  9. My hunch is that Ricky isn’t 100% White. Not because of the Art Tavana meme but because his arguments against us are eerily similar to the arguments that I’ve seen other off-whites in the Alt-Lite/Right sphere (like Fuentes) make. It’s like he wants us to broaden the definition of what we are so that he can be included.

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