The Krypto Report: Episode XXIII – Meme Police

Daily Stormer
August 19, 2017


On this episode of The Krypto Report, Azzmador welcomes back the lovely and talented Emily Youcis, who certainly needs no introduction to our listeners.

I get people asking nearly every day when I will have her back on TKR, so now you have your answer!

We discussed many topics, including:

  • The numerous internet shuttenings since Charlottesville
  • White Sharia, and why it is necessary
  • Animation, movies, art, memes, and archetypes
  • weev’s unconscionable suspension from Gab (it actually happened while we were recording)
  • Growing up in a single parent household, in the middle of a multicult
  • Overcoming degeneracy, and how the best way to do it is to become an Alt Right fascist neo-Nazi
  • The Alfred Alfer movie, and whether or not it is finished
  • Plus, we answered nearly ever listener question that was posted on Gab, so we covered many more things

Support Emily by hiring her to do one of her world class animations, gifs, or images for you by emailing her, or contacting her on Gab at @realemilyyoucis, where you should definitely give her a follow.

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Break music – “Proud of my Bowl” by Dyro in Chains from THOTWAFFEN Entertainment.

Thanks for listening! The Krypto Report will be back again next week.

Top Comments

  1. Thanks, Azz, I’ve been waiting for TKR 23. It’s always good to hear you.

  2. Nice Down in a Hole cover for the break music!

  3. MEME - Azz-Comeback

    Good to see you back, friendly neighbour!

  4. Mosin-Nagant is such a faggot

  5. Hello, @Azzmador. In general, a great show, but there is one remark.

    Maybe, I’m running ahead of the game, but I’d like to clarify some details about White ethnostate.

    You mentioned that we will not conduct a test of DNA (which is possible right) and let in everyone who looks White. What about, these (((white-looking people))), they are the source of all problems, we need some kind of Jewdometer, to exile them as soon as they infiltrate our society again (they will, it’s a matter of time).

    About Black and Brown people.

    You said that: “We can keep those, who are not against the White people.”

    From my personal experience I can say, that they will all say that they like White people a lot and won’t cause any problems, just to live among White people. Actually this is always the first stage of their invasion in our territory.

    The second stage is to Increase their numbers and to create a diaspora. At the expense of clan, they will monopolize certain areas of the labor and market (taxis, food trade, etc.). On the money received from business, they will begin to buy seats in the government (from lowest to the top). At this stage, they are actively beginning to whine about racism and oppression.

    The third stage. They act like, kill all the White people, this is our territory now.

    Therefore, I insist that in a White ethnostate, we will not have a single Black or Brown person.

    What does a tornado and a nigger have in common? It only takes one to destroy a nice town.

  6. You didn’t listen very closely. You had your ears stuffed full of autism.

  7. 8Man says:

    FYI: Pepe the Frog’s Creator Goes Legally Nuclear Against the Alt-Right

    Matt Furie is getting pro bono legal support from Wilmer Cutler Pickering Hale and Dorr LLP. Pro bono means “for free”.

    As it turns out, there are lots of people who believe very strongly that the alt right is an active threat to civil society and antithetical to American values. Many of these people will happily donate their time, energy and money to shutting the alt-right down through legal action, political advocacy, and public outreach.

    Please keep the Pepe memes coming, jews are screaming louder, must mean they’re working.

  8. Just discovered this show. Already one of my faves. Great job.

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