The Krypto Report: Episode V – Train Kept A-Rollin’ [All Night Long]

Azzmador & Ken
February 19, 2017





This week, Azzmador and Ken welcome Zeiger of Hammercast to discuss the News Conference, General Flynn, answer your questions and more!

TKR Topics for February 18, 2017

• Trump bantzed media about Flynn, Russia, and their treacherous kikery
• Trump singles out (((individuals)))
• Clinton & Obama corruption redux
• Obama lingering like a herpes outbreak, against precedent
• 9th Circuit Court skypin’ out, many such cases
• “Birthright” citizenship isn’t a thing
• Healthcare is expensive because of diversity
• (((Someone))) is producing the degeneracy and Cultural Marxism
• Q&A
• Sweden only has one week of food in case of an emergency
• Nigel Farage tells UKIP normies to shape up
• Blacks at University Wisconsin-Madison want free college and sheeit


The Krypto Report is:
Azzmador – Host
Ken- Co-host and Producer
Caerulus Rex – Executive Producer and News Anchor

Top Comments

  1. Another podcast to listen to when I wake up

    Nigel Farage tells UKIP normies to shape up

    by the way, he has no power

    only way to change the government is staging a coup to overthrow the UK regime

    Plus the likes of Max Musson, Mark Collett, Jez Turner are better, please read the link @Azzmador mate

    also check this out

  2. It is my belief that America and Trump, has the UK and Europe’s back, we just don’t want to have to do all of the work.

  3. What Trump needs to do is help out nationalist movements in Europe to stage a coup to overthrow the corrupt governments in European nations.

  4. Adopt says:

    New Krypto Report, perfect timing.

  5. A dog that shits on a Jew’s lawn is antisemitism too, for it triggers the meta-memory of the German camp dogs.

  6. Tar and feathers?

  7. I’m never going to support sending Americas to fight for people who refuse to fight for themselves.

  8. Yeah, Fash the Nation was a great boost for us. I was on three times & I really consider Jazz & Halberstram great personal friends They are the absolute tops IMHO. I miss them & hope they are doing well.

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