The Krypto Report – Episode LIV: God Save the Queen(s)

Zyklon Don
Daily Stormer
December 31, 2018

Azzmador is back at the helm with The Krypto Report’s Wrecking Crew™, to discuss important topics on this episode of the internet’s most trusted source of Real News™. This week, we’ll tackle/ridicule current events from an American Nationalist™ perspective. If you’re not careful, you might learn something before we’re done!

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Topics discussed:
• Christmas Time
• Shiksa Aunt Calls Cops on Wrecking Crew Member for Being a Literal “Nazi”
• Kike-Owned Queen of England Warns of Tribalism
• Inbred Rothschild Twerp Tells Trump to STFU
• Fashy Jeopardy
• Roiled Mandingo Transforms Mudshark GF into Fireball
• Savage Ape Beats White Driver “20-30 Times” in Road Rage
• BREAK MUSIC: Mushroomhead – “Out of My Mind”
• Anti-White Gibbsmedat Kwanzaa Carol
• Vape Shop Bugman Employee Loses His Shit & Job Over Anti-Trump Tirade
• Cross-dressing Linebacker Threatens GameStop Employee for Misgendering it
• Parents Who Allow Teens and Their Friends to Get Wasted at Home
• Jew Time
And much, much more!

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Thank you for listening!