The Krypto Report – Episode LII: 50K To Go Away

Zyklon Don
Daily Stormer
December 17, 2018

The Krypto Report’s Wrecking Crew™ discuss things on this episode of the internet’s most trusted source of Real News™. This week, we tackle/ridicule current events from an American Nationalist™ perspective. If you’re not careful, you might learn something before we’re done!

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Topics discussed:
• (((Christmas))) & (((Malls)))
• Niggers and Their Dirt Diets
• Raceless Mongrels Kill Innocent White Woman
• Rabid Coon Finally Euthanized
• Sheboons Attack Girls in Mall
• 56%er Mutant Murks Mudshark Girlfriend for Refusing to Abort Abomination
• 20 Rapfrican Monkeys Arrested for Being Stupid Niggers After Filming a Video
• Putin Wants to Ban/Control Subversive Jungle Music
• Flu Shot
• BREAK SONG: Johnny Rebel – “Send ‘Em All Back To Africa”
• Foreskin Munchers Want Goyim to Watch MORE Porn
• Kikes Kvetch When One of Them Gets Shoved
• Yenta Professor Perpetrates Hoax in Her Office
• Heeb Sex/Pedo Slavery Ring is Busted in Colombia
• Talentless SNL Jew, Pete Davidson, Teases Us with Suicide for Publicity
• Christ-Killer, Time Wise, Seeks to Destroy Genius’ Future for Having White Pride
• Minecraft Creator (AKA /our guy/) Gets Heats for Tweeting About Race and IQ
• Flatfooted Caravans Demand $50K (Per Subhuman) To Return Home
• San Francisco Creates World’s First Tranny Cultural District
• 6’2” 220lb Tranny Dominates Sluts at Sportsball
• Donkeybitch, Ocasio Keyboard, Comes Out of the Krypto Jew Closet, Then Refuses AIPAC Invitation to Visit Israel

And much, much more!

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