The Krypto Report: Episode II: The Trumpenkrieg Begins, with Azzmador, Ken, And Andrew Anglin

Daily Stormer
January 21, 2017

On this second episode of TKR, Azzmador and Ken welcome back Andrew Anglin, publisher of The Daily Stormer, for a discussion of this week’s hot topics, including Glorious Leader’s inauguration, the Jews of Whitefish, antifa and the practice of doxing, where we are as a movement and our goals moving forward, and much more!

We welcome Ken aboard as the new co-host and producer of TKR, and this episode marks the triumphant return of Ken’s peerless weekly monologue.

We debut great new weekly features, including Lauritz von Guildhausen’s Minutes from the Death Camp and The News with Caerulus Rex.

The Krypto Report returns every  Saturday, so subscribe to our SoundCloud and make sure to read The Daily Stormer every day!

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  1. Listened live…great show, gentlemen. High energy af

  2. Awesome show. Was great being on in the free-for-all LOL

  3. I really appreciate you goys making these. Epic roundtable. I wish this new show the best.

  4. My pleasure brother! I hope we work together much more often. HAIL VICTORY!

  5. That is National Action’s speech at Darlington.

  6. For those of you asking about where to download the episode there are two options; on the page look for the arrow next to the button that says “Share” that will initiate a download. You can also go to the track on Soundcloud and select the “More…” button to download using that method as well.

    Thanks for listening!


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