The Jews Did Fallout 76

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
December 28, 2018

I wrote up a long thing about the drama surrounding the release of Bethesda Game Studio’s Fallout 76 the other day, and did not blame the Jews for it.

I typically do blame the Jews for things, because they typically tend to be responsible for everything that goes wrong on earth.

Most people are blaming game director Todd Howard for the game. It is a confirmed fact that Howard is a deviant individual, without any scruples, and who will lie constantly – pathologically, really – to his own userbase, often when it is completely unnecessary to do so.

However, despite Howard’s deviant and deranged personal nature and lack of anything resembling what we consider to be standard human morality, the fact remains that he produced many games that people actually liked. He did Elder Scrolls 3-5, as well as Fallout 3 and 4. Particularly with the Fallout games, people take issue with the fact that the franchise was destroyed, becoming no longer an RPG but a long shooter game with “RPG elements.” However, these remain enjoyable shooter games (despite the fact that the shooting itself is horrible).

So then, I found myself asking : where is the Jew who is pushing this amoral but nonetheless demonstratively talented goy Howard to destroy his own reputation in the bizarre and vicious cash-grab that is Fallout 76?

Because I know there is one somewhere.

Then I watched this shockingly optimistic review of Fallout 76 by Camelworks.

I said in my last piece that I’ve become fixated with watching these reviews, and Camelworks’ thing is much more sympathetic than most. He goes through and says that the world itself is one of the best he’s seen in a game ever, and also says that he was able to run it on high-res, something that most are saying they can’t do even with $3,000 machines.

He of course condemns it as a completely unplayable game, but everyone is saying that, save a few randos who appear to be trolling. He says the fault of the game is mainly in the fact that it is unfinished, and is so filled with bugs that it is unplayable. Like everyone else, he takes issue with the storyline (which he uniquely claims actually exists) as well as the lack of NPCs and the basic mechanics of the online integration, which involve random servers and your base disappearing every time you start. However, even all of these issues he indicates he believes are a result of releasing an unfinished game – that is to say, they built the world and then were getting ready to figure out the NPCs and storyline, figure out a way to make online play make sense and fix the bugs – but (((someone))) who knows nothing about games but makes these kinds of decisions was like “nah, just release it now – no need for a storyline or a working game, the goyim will pay $60 for anything with our logos on it.”

I had not heard this take, but it actually makes the most sense. Much more sense than the idea that the entire team sat around plotting to ripoff their own users.

Though I certainly have not played it, I have watched many hours of gameplay and many reviews and it makes perfect sense that this was a half-finished game, intended to include many other elements, which was rushed to release by someone other than the game designers and developers.

Again, though not without talent, Todd Howard is a deviant trickster and a beta male who could easily be bullied by a Jew into taking this bizarre action.

So where is the Jew? There isn’t one at Bethesda.

Well, Camelworks happened to mention that he thinks the game was probably rushed by executives at their parent company Zenimax Media.

Let’s see here.

Zenimax Media…

Okay, so let’s check the CEO…


Found him. 

Robert Altman is the Jew responsible for Fallout 76.

He is a Jew lawyer who is married to Wonder Woman star Lynda Carter for some reason. That Wonder Woman was not Jewish.

And if you’re wondering why this Jew isn’t working in finance – it’s because he’s banned from working in finance by the government after being called to testify before Congress with regards to an off-shore lending scam he engaged in with wealthy Arab investors.

He founded Zenimax in 1999 with the goyish founder of Bethesda, Christopher Weaver, who he then quickly pushed out of the company. Weaver sued Altman over this move, but ended up settling out of court when it became clear that no goy on earth can defeat an organized army of Jew lawyers.

The Jew Altman is now the supreme leader of Zenimax and thus Bethesda, and I have zero doubt that this is exactly what happened:

  • An online Fallout game was pitched and planned.
  • Bethesda went to work on developing an online Fallout game.
  • A little less than halfway through the development process, before the textures were added, before the story was fleshed out, before the NPCs had been added and long before the bug fixing had even began, Altman said “I want this game out for Xmas.”
  • Todd Howard said, “you don’t mean this Christ… uh, Xmas, do you master?” and Altman replied, “indeed I do, my loyal goy servant.”
  • Howard, serving his Jew master like Darth Vader serves the Emperor, went ahead and forced his team to create some kind of possibly releasable version of the game on a vastly shortened timeline, instructing them to cut NPCs and just use a bunch of notes and a few Holotapes to tell the story. I also imagine that they had originally intended to include factions (Brotherhood, Enclave, Supermutants, etc.), and have PvP work in the same way that it works in World of Warcraft or any other MMORPG, but didn’t have time to figure that out either, hence the nonsensical PvP system the game was shipped with.
  • Howard presented the game at E3 in June.
  • The team told Altman that no one would buy the game, and so he instructed them to do the pre-order scam.
  • The game was released in time for Christmas, with the preorder oversold as including a “beta,” and the rest is history.

This narrative makes vastly more sense than the idea that the game was initially designed to simply scam the fanbase.

There is a possibility that it wouldn’t have been very good, and I imagine that it would have included microtransactions, including Lootboxes and all the other typical scams (or maybe a monthly subscription model), but it was surely intended to be a game with a story – including NPCs – and functional mechanics, a functional PvP system, graphical improvements and fewer bugs.

This is really no different than the Jews progressively turning Star Wars into a cash-grab – because Fallout 4 was a cash-grab too, arguably – and like with the Star Wars films, the games have progressively degraded, to the point where they are losing money.

The Jews just cannot help themselves.

So to those confused about the situation with this horrible fake game, I will remind you all of the Daily Stormer official slogan: “Every. Single. Time.”