The Jewish Narrative for the Goyim: 2013-2017

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
September 13, 2017

The Daily Stormer was founded in 2013.

We have watched and we have documented the transformation of the Jewish narrative over that period.

2013: You’re insane, goyim. No one is trying to replace you.

2014: It’s just a little

2015: “White genocide”? Haha. Goyim, you loco. It’s just demographic trends. You’re not having enough babies so others are filling the gap.

2016: A browner America will be a more peaceful one. More free of hate. Race doesn’t exist anyway. You need them to pay your pensions.

2017: Just fucking die, you white filth.

In 2018, I can only imagine that they are literally going to start killing us.

The rhetoric can’t be ramped-up any further.

We’ve seen this with the “punch a Nazi” campaign: the normalization of violence against whites (particularly those who don’t apologize for being white, i.e. “Nazis”).

The New York Times celebrated “punch a Nazi.” All of these Jews did. And they all celebrated Antifa, which went a lot further than punching Nazis, actually throwing feces on and smashing the skulls of these Nazis. Meet the Press brought a guy on to explain that Nazis had to be silenced through physical violence.

Of course, you won’t actually hear the words “you should go out and start murdering white people” on TV. But I am predicting that some time in 2018, you will hear justifications for the murder of whites.

I predict that Antifa or BLM will kill someone when they attack a demonstration, and they will bring some seeming extremist on to say “these ideas are violence so they have to die” to initially break the ice before the reporters themselves start repeating that narrative. But they will repeat it. You will hear it.

You will hear it and not immediately recognize what you’ve just heard, and then you will think about it later, or read something on the interent pointing it out, and it will be offering a line of reasoning for how it is morally justifiable to murder white people.

Then the think pieces will come out. They will talk about the “would you kill Hitler as a baby” thought experiment and justify it in a vaguely intellectual way.

And then you will hear it again. And again. And again. And it will be eventually simply accepted mainstream doctrine that people who murder whites are justified in doing so because white people existing is a form of violence.

Because it has been very clear for a long time now: we are not allowed to exist. So it follows logically that people who are not allowed to exist are allowed to be killed. In fact, they should be killed. If they are not allowed to exist.