The Interview Banned in the UK

Joe Jones
Daily Stormer
March 15, 2018

This is an interview between Brittany Pettibone and Tommy Robinson.

This is the same interview the UK banned Brittany over.

Tommy mostly discusses him constantly being thrown into jail for spreading the truth about the third world savages being imported into our countries.

This man did nothing wrong morally, and his only actual “crimes” were speech.

nb4 Tommy Robinson is a Zionist shill – that’s kinda the point. They are moving closer and closer to banning anything that is even remotely different from the mainstream kike narrative.

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  1. I really can’t think of a bigger hero to the British people

  2. Polak says:

    Britain has turned into a one giant gulag. It is literally like in communist countries, where you ended up in prison and couldn’t find a job for criticizing communism.

  3. Communism didn’t end brother. They just rebranded it into socialism and shifted it to the west, jews and all.

  4. Polak says:

    They didn’t rebrand shit, it is just a continuation of what was started in Russia in 1920s. The difference is, that Eastern Europe had stalinist dictatorship (physical terror and state owns the wealth), while Western Europe has had trotskyism and idea, that people will implement communism willingly

  5. Don’t worry my friend. If the kikes get their way, the police state terror and suppression is coming.

  6. Edward the first is more a hero than Tommy Robinson. In 1290 he decided to expell all Jews from England. Shame Cromwell let these fuckers back again.

  7. Tommy is Jewish and is playing his part in his role as controlled opposition.
    His job is to point out that Muslims are a problem and go no further - no mention of who or why they are being brought to the UK.

    Imagine you have hole in the roof of your house and you have a big puddle on the floor.

    Tommy Robinson was the man who spotted the puddle (Muslims) well done Tommy - the rest of us have worked out that to get rid of the puddle we have to fix the hole in the roof. Meanwhile Tommy 5 years later is still jumping up and down and shouting “puddle puddle” (Muslim muslim) as he points to the puddle.

    Hero? haha the Guy is full on admitted Zionist too.

  8. I agree that he’s no hero. He doesn’t name the jew.

  9. And his real name is Stephen Christopher Yaxley although I’ve also heard him called Stephen Christopher Lennon. Never ever trust anybody who doesn’t use their birth name especially if they’re Jewish.

  10. If you don’t name the Jew after 5 years of pointing at the symtpomes, well, then you’re part of the problem.
    Also, he is a zionist, so fuck him.
    His allegience is with Israel, not with the UK.

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