The Great Shuttening: You’re Either with Us, or You’re with the Enemies of America

Benjamin Garland
Daily Stormer
August 30, 2017

America was founded on the principle of freedom of speech.

That is the First Amendment, and it is first for a very good reason.

It was put in place to prevent enemies of America from being able to take over and then silence dissent.

The price of retaining our freedoms is constant vigilance, which we in America have unfortunately not had. Without this vigilance the inevitable – and I do mean inevitable – has finally come to pass.

America has been taken over by hostile aliens, and they are now moving – very aggressively – to silence their opposition.

Beginning with Charlottesville, we have seen an unprecedented assault on the First Amendment, which not only includes speech but also the right to peaceably assemble.

We went to Charlottesville to protest an attack on our heritage. This should not have even been controversial. We are Americans, and we were simply standing against an overt assault on America.

The whole situation is pretty cut and dry. We are heroes, and those attacking America – our country – are enemies.

Again, this should not even be controversial.

Yet as our statues and monuments are being taken down at a breakneck speed, those of us with the courage to stand against it are not only not viewed as heroes, we are viewed as evil, and are the most persecuted, demonized and oppressed people in the nation.

This situation has gotten utterly insane, and it’s time for all good and decent Americans to wake the hell up.

What is going on in this country is no longer shrouded in obfuscation, it is happening right in front of our eyes.

I’ll say it again: we have been taken over by an alien people. They hate us and wish to destroy us. This is now blatantly obvious. It’s time to man up and deal with it before it’s too late.

Our completely legal rally, for which we had a permit, was shut down on a false pretext after the police refused to protect us, and in fact deliberately threw us into the hands of our violent enemies.

They were no doubt acting on the orders of the government, which is run by a Jewish mayor, Michael Signer, a black vice-mayor, Wes Bellamy, and a corrupt shabbos goy governor, Terry McAuliffe.

These people hate America and they hate the White people who built it.

It’s time to choose a side.

You either stand with Daily Stormer (and Stormfront, and every other right-wing site that is facing politically motivated censorship *here is an incomplete list*) – actively – or you are standing with Wes Bellamy, BLM, Antifa, the Jews, the “LBQT” community, and every other enemy of America who is reveling in its rapid destruction.

This goes without saying for the Alt-Right, but is also applies just as much to the Alt-Lite, libertarians, normie conservatives, republicans, and even liberals who are not too far gone to realize or care about the implications that this Soviet-style censorship has on the future of mankind.

Staying silent on this issue does not make you an impartial observer. It makes you a perpetrator.

Inaction puts you squarely on the side of those who are seeking the destruction of our nation and freedoms. Those who are maliciously enacting genocide on the White race.

There is no middle ground.

The battle line has been drawn, and there’s only two sides of that line that you can fall on.

You either stand with the Daily Stormer and the others facing persecution, such as this man, Christopher Cantwell, a great patriot who is now rotting in jail on trumped-up charges simply for trying to prevent America from falling further into the pits of hell:

Or you are standing with this Asian tranny pervert (the one bringing the trumped-up “assault” charges against Cantwell, who was clearly – as is shown by many, many cameras – only defending himself and those around him from violent attackers) and its allies:

We on the Alt-Right are seen by most revolutionaries and radicals. As “haters.” In reality, our beliefs are exactly the same as those of virtually all of our ancestors just a few short generations ago, and what we seek is largely just a return to America as a constitutional republic for its White inhabitants and their posterity (which is how it was actually envisioned by the Founding Fathers, whether people like it or not).

In this sense, it would be more apt to view us as counter-revolutionaries, rather than revolutionaries, and traditionalists, rather than radicals.

That’s the reality.

What we want is a return to normalcy, a return to sanity.

That is all.

We do not want Jews running our nation, we do not want to be overrun by Third Worlders, and we do not want our race and civilization destroyed – just as no sane person did prior to about the 1950s.

The people who are now censoring us do want those things.

They are part of a system that is hellbent on destroying us.

Charlottesville made it clear for everyone that that is what this current system wants, and will stop at nothing to get.

We are in a war, and the stakes have never been higher.

This is a war for our very genetic survival.

Expecting our enemies – who want America turned into a third world hellhole – to respect our freedom of speech, would be pretty naive.

Of course they want us silenced.

But: are we going to allow them to get away with it?

Are we – the good, decent, law-abiding Americans – going to stand by silently as they ban everyone who doesn’t agree with their insane liberal ideology from the internet, one by one?

That is what is going to happen if we don’t fight this tooth and nail.

Rights are not “inherent.” Arguably, they don’t exist at all. What do exist are privileges, and these flow from power. At best there are privileges that are viewed as sacred enough by enough of a people or a nation that they are respected without having to be demanded – or denied – at the barrel of a gun.

But these privileges/rights are eternally in peril.

The Founders were well aware of this, and that is why they made the Second Amendment the right to bear arms.

That will no doubt be viewed as a radical statement, but it is not a call for violent revolution, it is simply stating a historical fact.

We’re not going to overthrow the government, at least not any time soon (although doing so at this point would indeed be in keeping with the warnings and directives of the Founding Fathers), but what we can do is make a lot of noise.

We need to turn the screws as tight as we can. Pressure works, and we need all hands on deck to apply it in mighty doses.

The only reason, effectively, that any politically active individual would not stand up against this insane wave of censorship, this assault on the most basic of all of our freedoms, would be because they, too, are in the enemy camp, and wish our destruction.

This is not about Daily Stormer. You don’t have to agree with us, or even like us. It’s much bigger than that. And everybody knows it. Anybody with a basic understanding of how precedents work knows it.

The pushback I’ve seen so far has been very disappointing. Even those who have come out in support of free speech are not doing nearly enough. This issue needs to be hammered daily, as hard as possible, by as many people as possible.

We either all have freedom of speech, or none of us do.

Make your choice.

We aren’t going to get a second chance. The future of civilization rests on our willingness to fight against this tyranny.

Ultimately, people will either die knowing they stood up for what is right in this hour of darkness, or they will die knowing that they stayed silent because they were afraid.

Those who choose the latter are betraying America and her heroic Founders, who themselves risked life and limb to win us these precious freedoms that are now under assault.

Which side are you on?