The Golem Gets WOKE! Brown Woman’s March Turns on Jew Handlers!

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
December 26, 2018

It was only a matter of time before brown people collectively said, “thanks for the help, Jews. But we can handle it from here.”

Now events that used to be explicitly just about sticking it to White men have become about sticking it to White people and Jews – who brown people incorrectly perceive as being White or even, perhaps, super-White.

They do, however, correctly perceive that Jews have a lot of money and power and that they are the ones calling the shots in America.

So you can kind of understand their logic. 

Given: America is a society run on White privilege. Given: Jews are incredibly privileged. Therefore: Jews are White.


Tamika Mallory, co-president of the Women’s March, told the New York Times that “white Jews … uphold white supremacy.” She also told a fellow left-wing activist “that Jews [need] to confront their own role in racism.”

To be fair, I think this is an Israel-related critique.

Vanessa Wruble, a self-described Jewish activist and “early organizer of the Women’s March,” told the Times she was pushed out of the political campaign, in part, because of her “Jewish identity.”

Surprising to literally no one, except perhaps Breitbart’s Boomer readership: a Jewish woman set up the hardcore Feminist Women’s March.

She subsequently founded another left-wing political campaign called March On, which describes its members as “allies of the resistance” seeking to “lift up the voices of the marginalized.” The Times described March On as an organization that “supports local women activists,” making no mention of its ideological or partisan politics.

One Jew working tirelessly to fracture goyish society.

Evvie Harmon, another march organizer, recalled how Mallory disparaged Wruble on account of the latter’s Jewish ethnicity. She told Tablet:

I suddenly realized that [Tamika Mallory] was berating [Vanessa Wruble] — but it wasn’t about her being white. It was about her being Jewish. “Your people this, your people that.” I was raised in the South and the language that was used is language that I’m very used to hearing in rural South Carolina. Just instead of against black people, against Jewish people. They even said to her “your people hold all the wealth.” You could hear a pin drop. It was awful.

What a frustrating dilemma for your average Neon-Nazi.

Brown people just aren’t smart enough to pretend they don’t notice obvious things. 

To be more specific, there are fewer brown people in that dangerous middling IQ range where you’re smart enough to fool yourself into believing bullshit.

There are a lot of clever, college-educated Whites with slightly higher than average IQ who can will themselves to not notice politically incorrect things. And it’s not just regarding the Jews. These are the same people who volunteer to work with genetically deformed children and convince themselves that everyone is beautiful in their own special way.

These are also the same people who adopt African babies and claim that love has no boundaries or something similar.

Higher IQ is correlated with suppression of the disgust instinct.

That means a person more in touch with their base instincts, i.e., a dumber person, just doesn’t have the mental fortitude to studiously not notice that Jews are running the show in America, that ‘tards are disgusting and that niggers are unloveable.

Via statement to the New York Times, Mallory said, “Since that conversation, we’ve all learned a lot about how while white Jews, as white people, uphold white supremacy, ALL Jews are targeted by it.” She further denied disparaging Wruble’s Jewishness while admitting she told left-wing activist white women that she did not trust them.

I am worried that the average Breitbart reader will reflexively knee-jerk against this wonderful news though.

Instead of rejoicing that the Jewish-run organization to destroy Western civilization through subversion has become transformed into a Moslem and Brown people coalition that most smol-brained Americans’ hind brains will now be able to reject, they might get mad that another quintessentially American institution – a Jewish-run hag march – got taken over by Moslems.

These are the same people who think that Ocasio-Cortez is a secret Moslem(?) – which explains why she hates Jews, right – and therefore not the schismatic Brown Communist candidate that America needs right now to kick the Jews and Shabbos Whites out of all the left-wing organizations they worked so hard to create, thereby rendering them ineffective and further racializing American politics.

All part of her secret plan to crush the kikes.