The Fatherland – Episode 95: Reliant KKK

The Right Stuff
September 21, 2017

This week Salty’s in port so of course we talk about cars. He also talks about visiting an air museum. We tackle kids cursing.


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Host: Jim
The Mannerbund: EP Bradan O’Fahey, Salty Seaman, Coach Finstock
Shadow Snake: Borzoi

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Hour 1

  • Jewgling Jews
  • Jim won’t follow Coach on Twitter
  • Spark plugs and the Reliant KKK
  • Beards at sea
  • Hard lifestyles and working hard
  • Death of the ethnic neighborhoods
  • Junior cursing
  • Goonies sucks

Break: Vera Lynn – “We’ll Meet Again”

Hour 2

  • D’nations and buy Kampfy Socks
  • Mail time
  • German dude please stop emailing us
  • Salty’s museum trip
  • Escaping with D.B. Cooper to Argentina
  • Alt-right reality
  • Sports for ugly people
  • The Coach Poll