The Fatherland – Episode 94: Amazon SubPrime

The Right Stuff
September 15, 2017

Sorry for the delay, we’ve been having issues with Zencast…

This week we address whether craft beer makes you gay and other tough email questions, give advice on buying a house, and further discuss murdering tiny animals.


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Host: Jim
The Mannerbund: EP Bradan O’Fahey, Scoutmaster Joe
Shadow Snake: Borzoi

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Hour 1

  • Bantzola
  • We kill more animals just to spite the comment section
  • The Fall Guy (no it’s not Hitler)
  • Professional Killjoys
  • Episodic vs Serialized
  • House hunting
  • Amazon SubPrime
  • Boomer bait
  • Pat Sajak is the Last American Man
  • The Gong Show

Break: Buck Owens – Rednecks, White Socks and Blue Ribbon Beer

Hour 2

  • DICK’nations
  • Retrotech and globalism
  • REE Drummond
  • A Day Without A Boomer
  • Polish Waifu?
  • A passionate defense of hops
  • Money
  • Advice for new dads
  • The return of the Poz Button