The Fatherland – Episode 119: The Hanging Dads

Jim Vicar
The Right Stuff
March 14, 2018

This week – ball-shrinking pills, horse girls, and giving kids melatonin.


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Host: Jim
The Mannerbund: EP Bradan O’Fahey, Telecaster Joe
Intern: Borzoi
Guest: Donald J. Bismarck

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Hour 1

  • The Most Popular Unpopular Show
  • The Hanging Chads
  • Newborn
  • Melatonin Gummy Bears
  • Sleeping
  • Detective Borzoi is on the case
  • How to date a horse girl (no, not the anime kind)

Break: Sounds from the Supermarket

Hour 2

  • D’nation
  • What’s in a Chad
  • Ibuprofen wrecks your balls
  • Liftingland
  • Sports cucking
  • TV is gay
  • Gadoligism