The David Duke Show: Trump, You Campaigned on America First – Break that Promise and You Will Lose

David Duke
January 4, 2018

Today Dr. Duke talked about President Trump’s wavering on his Make America Great Again agenda. After one year in office, his only major legislative accomplishment is a tax cut drafted by Paul Ryan and the Make America Cuck Again Republicans. Meanwhile, he is let so many neocon enemies into his administration that they have been able to hijack his foreign policy, driving us to the brink of war with North Korea, Iran, and even Russia.

Then he and Dr. Slattery talk about what kind of foreign policy the United States should have. They agree that the non-interventionism proposed by George Washington should be a guiding principle. They say that American foreign aid diverts resources that should be used at home and historically has done far more harm than good overseas, and thus should be scrapped. They point out that the demonstrations supposedly spurred by economic frustration in Iran come after decades of sanctions and sabotage against the Iranian economy, not to mention the strain that Iran went through in having to defeat the ISIS monster created by (((America and its allies))) for the purpose of weakening Iran. Finally, they agree that friendly relations with Russia are essential for making America great again.

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  1. manny says:

    He probably cares about re-election very much, since he’s had the money problem squared away for a long time.

  2. I think pretty much this same thing every time I see McFeels posting replies to Trump on twitter telling him that passing DACA will make him a one term president.

    I’m pretty sure he won’t really care one way or the other. He’ll just go be a rich dude in a secured enclave for the last few years of his life while the rest of us are dealing with a growing scourge of brown criminality.

  3. lucky says:

    Nothing is going to happen in Iran.

    Scratch that…
    The kikes will be exposed of starting shit in Iran.


  4. I believe that with the immunity and plea agreements that trump is going to impeachment and perhaps prison. It will be ugly but it will be an incredible opportunity to radicalize millions of White Americans and more and more people are getting it now that the Jewish Deep State is doing this to him no matter how he tries to placate them.Even the stupid move in the J capitol only makes people more aware of Jewish power
    Dr Duke

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