The David Duke Show: The Anti-White NFL and the Vicious Jew-Controlled Media

David Duke
September 27, 2017

Today Dr. Duke addressed the anti-white nature of the NFL kneeling controversy. The players are not saying that they are kneeling because they have color hatred of red, white, or blue (well, maybe white if it is skin color). They are protesting what our Jewish overlords call white oppression of blacks that explains all their problems and bad behavior, including why they need to rape white women so often.

Dr. Slattery joined the show and pointed out that if recent events prove anything, it is that whites lack institutional power. They are unable to organize or voice their grievances, and if any white person tries they are subject to attacks and even denial of services from the most powerful institutions in our country, including the media, financial institutions, internet service providers, and even the U.S. Government.

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