The David Duke Show: Oy Vey the Goy President Knows!

David Duke
December 9, 2017

By simply recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of the Jewish state, President Trump has struck a mighty blow against the criminal Jewish supremacist State of Israel and exposed the ruthless, vicious Jewish power revving up to destroy Trump and his presidency. Simply stating that the United States of America is planning to move its embassy to Jerusalem has done more to undermine Israel than any other act by any other President of the United States since the founding of Jewish supremacist Israeli racist state.

Moving the American Embassy has no real impact on the Zio reality in Israel. Israel has already made Jerusalem its capital. But making this essentially meaningless gesture has actually incredibly damaged the state of Israel and its plans for hegemony over the entire Middle East and exposed their power as the move will be seen by all as an attempt by Trump to placate Jewish power, but in the end it may be a brilliant move to expose Jewish power.

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  1. You dont destroy Jews by oppressing them. Just see how it ended up for Russian Tsar. By oppressing anyone you only make them stronger to the point where they can no longer be oppressed. It looks like Trump understands this.

    This is exactly why we (ethno nationalists) are gonna win too. And when we do we need to exterminate these pests.

  2. This is an excellent show with valuable information but it runs too long. If Duke wishes to reach a broader
    market he needs to edit programs such as this down to, IDK, 12-15 minutes or so.

    He revisits single points several times and spins off-topic, sometimes to accentuate a point, other times for
    no discernible reason. Most folks don’t have an hour to spend listening, but 10 or 12 minutes sounds reasonable.

  3. No_0ne says:

    There is some truth to this as a general statement. As Ezra Pound said, you don’t necessarily need violence to control the jews:

    “The answer to the Jewish problem is simple.”
    “Keep them out of banking, out of education, out of government.” [media, too, of course]
    And this is how simple it is.
    There is no need to kill the Jews. In fact, every pogrom in history has played into their hands, and has in many instances been cleverly instigated by them.
    Get the Jews out of banking and they cannot control the economic life of the community.
    Get the Jews out of education and they can not pervert the minds of the young to their subversive doctrines.
    Get the Jews out of government and they cannot betray the nation.

    That said, the idea of the Tsar “oppressing” the jews is clearly a semitic false meme. Look up how many thousands of tsarist officials were assassinated by jew communists in the late 1800s/ early 1900s, and how many jew attempts there were to kill various tsars, including the successful assassination of Alexander II by jewish terrorists in 1881 (after multiple failed attempts). [The Tribe may have poisoned Alexander’s father as well.]

    Now look up how many early Boshevik leaders had served time in prison, or in Siberia, rather than being simply executed (as the Bolsheviks would have done). The number of revolutionaries actually executed by the tsarist government in the years leading up to the Bolshevik coup was merely the equivalent of a busy day or two for the Cheka.

    Furthermore, with respect to the “oppression” false meme-- the chosenites killed Alexander II, so he must have been an especially “oppressive” tsar, right? Let’s check what a jew source has to say about that. Straight from the horse’s mouth (Center for Israel Education):

    “Alexander II had assumed the throne in 1855 following his father Nicholas I and was a more liberal-minded leader than his predecessor. He relaxed some of the restrictions placed against the Jews of Russia by his father, including abolishing the Cantonist system of Russification which had been established in 1827. The Cantonist system forced Jewish males, ages 12-18, away from their families into a program of Russian and Christian education in preparation for a 25-year military conscription. Jewish leaders had to supply a quota of youth and even hired kidnappers to take children as young as eight to meet the demands. Alexander II also allowed some Jews to live outside of the area known as the Pale of Settlement, the 472,000 square mile region that comprised most of today’s countries of Poland, Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia, in which Jews had been restricted to living beginning in 1835. Moving outside the Pale resulted in the development of Jewish communities in Moscow and St. Petersburg. As a result of these policies, many Jews became more involved in the cultural and intellectual life of Russia. [i.e. they were able to engage in more extensive jewing within Russia proper]”

    Sounds like Alexander’s problem was more that he didn’t do enough to oppress the jews, rather than too much. Though he may have “oppressed” their shekel intake somewhat-- Let’s take a look at a source from the other side:

    “But what really sealed his fate was the abolition of the tax farming system on liquors. This was a Jewish business. When the tax farming operations were phased out in favor of an excise tax in 1863 (Ben Eklof, John Bushnell, Larisa Georgievna Zakharova, Russia’s Great Reforms, 1855-1881, Indiana University Press, 1994, p. 110), the Jews knew that this tsar had to go.”

    Tax farming, liquor monopolies, and similar arrangements were common methods of jewish shekel extraction in parts of Europe for hundreds of years. If you want to see “oppression,” look up the arenda system in Poland. Jews try to present “pogroms” as centrally organized episodes of “oppression” by the evil government, when in fact they were typically spontaneous episodes of rebellion by peasants against their jew oppressors under systems such as this.

    Alexander II did have advisers who informed him that pandering to the jews would only encourage them to engage in further attacks: “In 1862, Prince Dolgorukow advised the tsar that his weakness and concessions to the Jews would end in his demise. The prince recommended arresting 50 of the worst Jews.”

    Alexander refused to take even (very limited) measures such as this to stop the jew attacks, with results that we have seen. Try to imagine Lenin (or Trotsky) refusing to arrest 50 worst members of a group of “counterrevolutionaries” or “wreckers,” let alone a group that had made multiple attempts on his life. The response would be something like “Arrest them? Just shoot 'em. And their families. Send 20-30,000 more to the gulags, too, just to make sure.”

    The “tsarist jew oppression” meme was pushed hard by the jew media in the West in the late 1800s-early 1900s for a couple of reasons:

    1. To market “Russian” jew immigration to Western countries (especially the US) by playing on the moral sense of Whites (Muh poor “refugees!” Wait a minute, they’re doing it again, aren’t they?)
    2. To demonize Russia and the tsarist system in the eyes of Western countries.
    3. To discourage the Russian government from cracking down on jew propaganda and terrorism (largely because of concerns about #2).

    From “Center for Israel Education” again:
    “Approximately 2.3 million Jews left Russia between 1881 and 1930 with the great majority coming to the United States, North and South American, South Africa and Australia.”

    Jews have been promoting false narratives, and falsely claiming to be eternally innocent, “oppressed” victims, for a long time. It’s not a new scam, by any means.

  4. Very interesting and thoughtful analysis.

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