The David Duke Show: White Football Players Who Stand up for American Flag and Anthem

David Duke
September 29, 2017

Today Dr. Duke addressed an article from the Huffington Post that proclaimed that “white athletes still standing for the anthem are standing for white supremacy.” Perhaps the NFL brouhaha best illustrates the “moving of the goal posts” regarding the term “white supremacy.” The dictionary definition (or at least the wikipedia definition) is “white people should be dominant over other races.” However, as we learned from the “white supremacists” at Charlottesville, whites who simply want equal rights are white supremacists. And now whites obeying the terms of their employment and standing for the national anthem are white supremacists.

Attorney Don Advo joined the show and described the process by which California has been demographically transformed into a subdivision of Mexico through the ethnic cleansing of the whites who had built the state into such an attractive destination.

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