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  1. Saw a shitlib post Deut 27:19 “Cursed be anyone who denies justice to foreigners, orphans, or widows.” That’s from a 1990’s translation of the Bible. According to the KING JAMES VERSION it says, “Cursed be he that perverteth the judgement of the stranger, fatherless, and widow.” Denying justice and perverting judgement have very different meanings. Mike Enoch is right to suspect that liberals are likely quoting new Bible translations. Be sure to call out these pozzed translations of God’s Word.

  2. Here are just a few of the verses that have been completely altered by modern Bible translations. There absolutely is an agenda to strip Jesus of his deity and pervert the Word of God so that it can fit in with the “current year”. I can’t speak for our Catholic and Orthodox comrades because I’m not as familiar with their translations, but if you are Protestant use the King James Version only! Don’t trust the globo homo versions!

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