The Daily Shoah 304: Brokeback Juche

Mike Enoch
The Right Stuff
June 14, 2018

On today’s episode of TDS, Nazbol vs. Ancap war as Eric Striker, Jayoh De La Rey and Mike Enoch discuss the Juche idea. The ahhhguments get hot n’ heavy as reactionary running dog capitalist Jayoh De La Rey and revolutionary Nazbol idealist Eric Striker square off over North Korea and the Kim regime. Enoch holds firmly to the big brained middle ground. Everyone bricks themselves in the end.

  • Juche bloodsports: Striker vs. Jayoh
  • North Korea/Juche/History of nuclearization on the Korean peninsula
  • Minutes from the Deathcamp
  • Horror movies and the sexual revolution
  • Trump vs. the J-left/neocon media alliance
  • Rock Bit


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Top Comments

  1. Jayo sounded wholeheartedly retarded in this debate.

  2. GT88 says:

    I like the guy but he just can’t go toe-to-toe with Striker.

  3. not many can

    that guy knows a lot of stuff

  4. I think striker’s theory about engagement with NK as a means to isolate Iran was on point, but his boner for every failed communist regime that’s ever existed gets tedious. There are more options out there than just full globohomo or full gulag and framing the whole argument as a binary choice between the two made him look dumb. Likewise, there’s a middle ground between believing every peice of NATO propaganda and believing it’s all lies. You can debate specifics, but the labor camps exist, and you can’t dismiss them as a byproduct of songbun or the sanctions regime.

    Mike had the best take. Whatever they’re doing over there is none of our business, peace is good and giant military parades are peak aesthetics.

  5. you need guys like spencer and mike for presentation but eric is like a teacher

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