The Daily Shoah 281: The Slippery Cope

Seventh Son
The Right Stuff
April 16, 2018

Ryan Dawson joins the Death Panel to discuss geopolitics, and, uh, (((geopolitics))).

  • Ryan’s $14.88 Movie
  • Slavery/Sex Trafficking
  • Big Brain Nibba Zionism
  • 1:08:00 The Merchant Minute
  • Trump Cope Posting
  • The Kushner’s and Trump
  • Big Brained 9/11 Stuff
  • Fucking White Mail! Thanks, Narcan!


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  1. Ryan may not be perfect from a White Nationalist point of view. But who is?

    He is a relentless cataloger of the crimes of the Zionist state, red pills lots of normies on the black heart of the Jews but where we see racial biology he sees human nature and economics as motivation.

    He frames it through his lens. We frame it through ours. But the end result is the same.

    More and more people get red pilled on the Jew.


  2. Steve says:

    I couldn’t listen to more than 20 minutes before I had it with that lispy-voiced faggot. He’s obviously in japan fucking some gook, and its easy to see niggers through rose colored glasses when the only nigs you see are well behaved due to Japan not putting up with them.

    Also, Enoch strawmanning of Pizzagate was pretty ridiculous. Nearly everybody that was researching it was tying it into real pedophile networks around the globe through various NGOs and govt agencies. To act as if Pizzagate was only ever focused on tunnels under a restaurant and other ridiculous nonsense is a total strawman, the name only stuck because it was catchy. No one beleived it was centered around that pizzeria. Only the mainstream media focused on peripheral irrelevant stuff like that to mislead normies.

  3. Muh 9/11 Official Fairytale explanation: the alt-right’s Holocaust.

    What is this bullshit?

    Wile E Coyote physics, morphing planes, exploding basements, exploding buildings, prematutely announced collapses, molten steel lava weeks later, nuclear byproducts, no wingtip vortex, no aircraft debris, PLANTED aircraft engine OF WRONG TYPE, DON’T THINK OF ANY OF IT YOU’LL BE SOCIALLY ISOLATED.

    EFff YOU

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