The Daily Shoah 232: What If The Goyim Repents?!

The Right Stuff
December 12, 2017

The Death Panel want you to cross your feet, dab, roman salute and crawl towards us.

  • I don’t like the first hour
  • 56% National Anthem
  • Libertarians
  • 1:01:45 Carol of the Things
  • Simon Says National Championships
  • 2:06:45 The Merchant Minute
  • 1.5x Theatre: Frank Luntz in Alabama


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Top Comments

  1. Jeez when they talk about the incompetence of sheboons in the US military. Is it any wonder Russia had Syria resolved in months.

  2. Sven was on steroids this time …talking over people and derailing everybody from the beginning.
    First half of show was just unbearable.

  3. There are escalating ego friction issues on TDS. Hope they can work these out.

  4. Especially in a situation as benign as that which could be easily deescalated and resolved. What a bunch of faggts those cops are.

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