The Daily Shoah 224: Thankful Target Practice

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
November 23, 2017

I was once again on The Daily Shoah last night and we had a roaring good time telling one another what we are thankful for.


We did a bunch of stuff that was really good, including the Lindsay Shepherd video.

I also CUCKED OUT on my plan to forcibly marry off 14-year-old girls to middle aged men. Total abject cuckout.

Furthermore, I became confused when Mike said I always do the same bit. I still don’t really know what that bit is. I think it’s just my “SOCIETY IS COLLAPSING IT’S ALL HAPPENING” bit generally. It’s an important bit, which can’t be done enough times.

We also talked about Jews in a virulent manner, and I think we did a good job once again making the point that if you don’t talk about Jews, you’re not really saying anything, because without including the Jewish element nothing about the world makes any sense. You end up with a situation where whites are destroying themselves FOR NO REASON. And for an honest person of a certain IQ, you are pretty much just going to shut off mentally when you get to the point where the entire world stops making rational sense. Which is why I think Jared Taylor is and always will be a joke. He has banned David Duke and Kevin MacDonald, he has insulted me to the Jewish media and actually I don’t really care about any of that, but all he is selling is a confusing mess. He did recently say that “liberal Jews” are responsible for leftist ideology, but then said he doesn’t know why that is – even though we know for a fact that it is because of their evolutionary biology.

Oh and we had an interesting discussion of Brave New World and 1984 and the way that both of these predictions of a dystopian future are coming true at the same time, which I noted is similar to what Huxley said would happen in his follow-up to BNW called “Brave New World Revisited.”

Most importantly, I realized that the only way to get your time in when on TDS is to say you have a bit. If you say “I have a bit” everyone says “SHUT UP SHUT UP LET HIM TALK HE’S GOT A BIT!”

So, for anyone planning to ever be a guest on this show, I just gave you a game-changing piece of information.

OH and we did the Kosher Tax Swindle. There is a new app that tells you which foods are kosher so that you can avoid giving money to these greedy kikes. But TRS didn’t link it in their show notes and I don’t remember the name, so you’ll have to listen to the show to find out what it is.

I’m 100% on board with avoiding kosher food. You not only avoid giving Jews more money than you have to, but you also involve yourself in an active behavior that is resisting Jews. Sure, checking packages for kosher symbols is a small thing to do, but it is personally empowering. For every time you pick a non-kosher item over a kosher item, you are taking money from the Jews.

And they will flip-out if a lot of people start doing this. And then they will complain about it and start telling the goyim about their own scam.

I think we need more anti-kosher activism.

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  1. Which is the exact opposite of what an informed Gentile should be doing (until we can take back control over our food supply):

    In summation:
    It has nothing to do with generating business for their Kosher industry (Jews “just being greedy Jews”, as most of you would prematurely/erroneously conclude). I mean, they print the money, after all. What’s a few more shekels one way or the other? And if it were “just a tax”, then why the need for the symbols in the 1st place? That wouldn’t be a good way of keeping a “secret tax” a secret.

    Imagine that, Jews demanding that their food be Kosher simply so they can make sure they are being “taxed” to the fullest.

    These certifications have everything to do with the actual ingredients and processes they use in the food industry. Kosher food being held at a much higher standard, whereas, the stuff us “Goyim” eat is a dice-roll, at best.

    Basically, Jews are taking every opportunity to poison the “Goyim”, and would certainly need a way to avoid poisoning themselves in the process (hence, the real purpose of the kosher symbols).

  2. Yeah so that’s good. Would be expected.

    Maybe the comment I heard was just a joke then.

  3. Amen.

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