The Daily Shoah 221: Do Androids Dream Of Electric Mohels?

The Right Stuff
November 16, 2017

The Death Panel are joined by Andrew Anglin and Morrakiu for some extra long shitposting.

  • “Jews Subvert” by Handbananarama
  • Anglin in (((The Atlantic)))
  • 1:08:30 Minutes From The Deathcamp
  • Morrakiu presents #HeebDump
  • -Hiding inna batchroom/Poland
  • Papa John’s
  • -Jewish Robots/Exto Arabia
  • -What If The Ficus Consents?
  • Roy Moore/Pedophilia vs Trad Marriage
  • Cohen Brothers stuff


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  1. Would have been a bit better if Mike and Sven shut the fuck up and let Andrew and Murrakiu talk. At least everyone Steam rolled Alex so he couldn’t make any retarded comments and derail the show further.

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