The Daily Shoah 203: The White Madman!

The Right Stuff
October 5, 2017

The Death Panel do more wild speculation on Stephen Paddock and God knows what else.

  • INTRO: A Condo In Boca
  • Stephen Paddock Conspiracies
  • Gun Control Response
  • The Share Act
  • 1:15:05 Minutes From The Death Camp
  • Dr. Narcan gets reamed
  • Mass Shooting Stats & Studies
  • Paddock’s Brother
  • Hypergamy


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There’s a boomer who’s sure
He’s owed the whole world
Ane he’s buying a condo in boca.
When he hits Sixty Four
Them gibs will start to pour
A monthly stipend from shlomo.
Ooh ooh and he’s buying a corvette leftover.

There’s a lien on his deed
A Reverse mortgage scheme
Cuz why leave anything for your kids?
They’ll inherit memories
And social security
And the hollowed out corpse of the US

Henlo, are you getting my mails?
Henlo, are you getting my mails?

No feel of regret
Cuz he sold out The West,
And his GrandKids are gonna be beaners.
He’ll mobilize the troops
In service to the jews
With a president who has such big balls

Henlo, are you getting my mails?
Henlo, are you getting my mails?

Dont’ you stand in his way, of endless Medicaid
Because he’s planning on living forever
And you’re stuck with his bills
For endless boner pills
Cuz 80 is now the new 40.

Does anybody remember grampa?

If there’s a drawdown in your hedgefund
Don’t be alarmed now
A wall street bailout will kick in soon
Yes there are cat foods you can live on
To save your grandson
TFW your grandson is a dog

Are you getting my mails…

You had it all and took for granted
The greatest Nation
Sold it all out to virtue signal,
Dear Boomer, blow out the menorah,
Remove Kippah
Our future stands on just Fourteen Words.

And as you rot in nursing homes
Shaquanda snuffing out your groans
Can’t be a racist when you love
Adopted grandkids from the hood
Took pride in being a cuckhold
And if you signal very hard
Shlomo will give a knowing nod
And when you’re gone your’e gone for good
You were a cuck, and not a troll

And he’s buying a condo in boca