The Daily Shoah 200: The Virgin Islands, The Chad Hurricane

The Right Stuff
September 27, 2017

SUPER SIZED Two Hunnit’th Episode! Puerto Rico is going to flip over, Church Shooters aren’t necessarily motivated by race, and we’re not living in two Americas, Skip.

  • Wolverine
  • Dank Black Guy in a Church Shooting
  • 39:20 Tucka gets BTFO 1.5x Theatre
  • 57:30 Dr Narcan presents: The Basketball American Diaries Pt 1: The Melanin Menace in 5.56 Surround Rounds
  • PortoPotty Rico Deserves Independence!
  • 1:24:20: Revisited White Mail: The Nietzsche letter
  • Live Reads & Important Site Announcements
  • 1:48:39 Minutes From The Deathcamp
  • Azzmador & Vanguard crush Anarchist Book Fair
  • Milo’s Free Speech Weak
  • More RaceWarBall news
  • 2:27:35 Star Trek Review
  • Seth MacFarlane Sucks


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